Rectify The Situation


Rectify The Situation Essay, Research Paper

Rectify the Situation

Denise is a very attractive girl with her head screwed on straight. She has a 4.0 grade point average at Spelman College. She comes from a very good and wholesome family who went to church every Sunday and sometimes on Wednesday for bible study. Denise was a nice girl who always had a kind word to say about everyone. She was the type that most say are nieve, but I say she is just very impressionable. Denise not only excelled in the classroom but she excelled on the track as well. She was an all-state award winner in New Jersey on the track in the 100-meter and 200 meter dashes. Denise also published in Whose Who of High School students in the year of 1998. She was an all around great person, and it was a joy to be around her. She was one of those people in this world in which if she put her hands on it; it would turn to platinum. Denise has plans on becoming an orthopedic surgeon, and every medical school in the country wants her. She is only in her junior year at Spelman has already been accepted to the school of her choice provided she gets a 4.0 in Organic Chemistry. She has already done very well on her MCAT test. Denise?s only flaw would have to be she was so focused on everything else and helping other people that she had no time for a love life. She has not had a steady boyfriend in her life since 1998. Even though she is happy with all of her success and accomplishments in her twenty years on this earth, she still would like to find that handsome, articulate grade A man to spend her life with. She hopes that she will find him real soon for she is getting quite lonely. Both of her best friends have boyfriends in which she is responsible for setting the two up. Her two best girlfriends knew that and used to give Denise a really hard time about being single for some reason. Despite that if one of her two best friends needed help of any kind Denise was right there.

Kisha was one of Denise?s best friends. They like to call themselves the three divas. Kisha and Denise had a lot of likes but yet a lot of differences as well. Kisha had a 3.5 grade point average. For the most part Kisha was a good girl. She has an outstading background as well. She was an all South Jersey performer on the soccer field and on the basketball court. At 5?7 145 pounds Kisha was one of those sistas where you walk by her and you were like whoa! She had one of them most beautiful outwardly appearences that a woman could dream of. She had the most beautiful caramel complexion, eyes that could cut any man down, and a set of breasts that would make Nia Long jealous. Kisha was the closest thing to perfect a man could ever find, and she knew it too. She just didn?t act that way all the time. She was very forthright about what she wanted. Kisha really was one of them nicest people you could meet. She was offered all kind of material things, but she seldomly accepted them unless it was something she couldn?t refuse like a Coach pocketbook. Kisha had a lot of activities on her plate despite basketball taking the majority of her time at Spelman. She was the number one Spelman knight recruiter, she was editor of the newspaper, and in the process of starting her on sorority. She was by far one of the most popular girls in the Atlanta University Center. Kisha?s ultimate goal is to become an attorney; however, these plans might be put on hold because she is probably going to be a first round pick in the 2002 WNBA draft. Kisha?s only flaw other than not being a true friend to Denise all the time is her natural obsession for the opposite sex. The problem with that is, as we already know she has a boyfriend. Dante is very faithful to his girlfriend Kisha, and that will be described in more detail in a later chapter. Simone, Denise and Kisha?s other best friend, tells Kisha she really needs to watch out for that because men are like parasite?s and they see a successful host and will try and run it into the ground. Simone was very right, although Kisha and Simone were best friends, Kisha sometimes thought Simone was jealous; consequently she did not always take her advice. Kisha just could seem to think on the level that Simone did, ?Maybe one of these guys are trying to get me pregnant or something to mess up my career Kisha thought.? Then she said nope not me I am Kisha that?ll never happen.

Simone was the most average of the three. She had a lot of street smarts, and used to sometimes criticize the other girls. Simone was one of those girls that I like to call a ?Jazzy Broad? she would only come out of the house dressed a certain way. She hardly ever wore jeans and always had on expensive outfits. She was definitely more attractive then Denise but didn?t compare on the same scale as Kisha. Simone was about 5?5 133 pounds and her body was off the chain. There was a place for everything and everything was in place. Simone was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was an honor student at Simon Gratz High School. She was a pretty good vollyball player, but unfortunately due to her height she couldn?t get a scholarship to go NCAA Division I. Simone was an all or nothing person if she couldn?t go to a division I school to play volleyball, then she wasn?t going to play at all. She had a 3.0 grade point average and had plans to be an accountant. Kisha often criticized Simone about that goal because she said she isn?t aiming high enough, but Simone used to shut that down immediately by saying, ?I am going to do what I when I want where I want.? Kisha respected that that?s why they were such good friends because Simone and Kisha had such a mutual respect that they secretly didn?t have for Denise. Simone and her boyfriend sometimes had quarrels because B would say, ?She doesn?t know when to shut her mouth.? B wasn?t the only one who felt that way either. Friends outside the immediate click felt that way, but there opinions or anyone else?s had little bearing on Simone. Only one that would stick up for Simone in her loud mouth stage would be Dante.

Dante was a very interesting guy. He was the best of both worlds he had a myriad of street smarts as well as book smarts. He is a very attractive well-built charming man. He was a reformed player. Dante and Denise went to high school together. Dante affectionately called Denise his little sister. They were secretly attracted to each other in stages. It started back junior year in high school when Dante was holding Denise?s blocks. Although never stated before Denise had a very beautiful inner-self and her outwardly appearance has not bad either. At 5?3 125 pounds she was very well built and had the most beautiful legs that you probably ever could lay eyes on. Dante knew that, but at that time Denise would not fall for Dante?s player games. Denise also though Dante was attractive, but she didn?t look anymore into it than that because of his mental state. They were just never in the same phase at the same time. For example, Dante was playing it so smooth that he slid his way out of going to the prom with Denise. Denise was hoping so bad that he would ask, but he waiting to long and she went with a friend from the her church. So when Denise was accepted to Spelman and decided to matriculate in the fall of 1998, Dante knew that this was the love of his life and applied to Clark Atlanta University to be in the same area as Denise. Denise never knew that is why he went to Clark. At Clark Dante got his priorities straight. Dante starting going to class, stop being a player and even got involved with the church. Dante?s major is engineering and he has a 3.5 grade point average in it. He is making his family so proud and set to graduate in May of 2002.

About 1 year ago Denise, Kisha, and Simone went to a party. Dante was there with a few of his friends. Denise introduced Kisha to Dante, and there was an instant attraction there. They have basically been together ever since. Dante feels as though this is only opportunity to prove to Denise that he is fully changed, because Denise isn?t a believer yet. Even though when months start to past he starts to develop feelings for Kisha he still is in love with Denise and there is no denying that.

At this same party B to the clique, and Baron to everyone an else, walks up to Denise and asks aren?t you that girl in my political science class. Baron has secretly had his eye on Denise for a while. Denise thinks that Baron is very attractive, but is not feeling him for some reason. Denise really was thirsty at this time and wanted some of the paradise punch they were making. So Denise introduced Simone and Baron. They hit it off and danced, laughed, and chilled the whole knight. Baron is the most secretive of the clique. He is a very discreet gentleman. That just drove Simone wild, because of her loud mouth speak her mind personality. Baron wanted to be a big name computer consultant. He had the grades, the drive, and the personality to be anything. Baron was the type if he wanted it no matter what he would find a way to get it. That was the attitude that made Simone putty in his hands. Despite the disagreements sometimes and they occasional silent treatments these two had the best relationship. They were planning on moving in with each other and getting engaged after their graduations in May of 2002.

The whole click is doing well in every aspect of life, and everyone is acting the same including the NCAA Division II player of the year Kisha Callowhill. She is still being a player, but her activities will soon catch up with her in the worst way. One day while being out with one of her male friends at Georgia Tech she met a guy name Allan. Allan was what the ladies considered to be fine as hell. What Kisha didn?t know about Allan was that he was Denise?s cousin. To make that worse Allan?s best friend was Shawn and he was Dante?s second cousin. So not only did Denise find out that Kisha was having sex with Allan and leading him on to think it would be more than that, but Allan told his best friend Shawn and put to and two together and told his cousin Dante.

At this point Dante was crushed, and Denise wasn?t too happy either. Denise and Kisha were in the most serious argument that the two had ever been in. Since Simone didn?t want to be in the middle Baron took his lady up to the North Georgia Mountain?s for the weekend. Baron was such a thoughtful man. Kisha and Denise were still feuding that weekend, and Kisha had a basketball tournament. Dante came to Denise?s room crying and was so hurt. Denise felt awful because deep down she knew that she was responsible for hooking them up hence at fault for her big brothers misery. Denise then felt that she could rectify this problem once and for all. Dante though he could rectify this problem once and for all. He spent the night over Denise?s house and they slept in the same bed, but did nothing. Both of them really needed to take a cold shower that night because that bed felt like an inferno.

Earlier that evening Dante invited Denise out on a date to the Cheesecake Factory. Denise accepted, and they had a beautiful dinner date. Neither of them had ever had a fulfilling date like that. After that, Dante to Denise back to his apartment to watch Love Jones. What Denise didn?t know is that he had his roommate set up his room with candles and rose petals for the dessert potion of there date. They had a good time watching Love Jones and there were striking similarities to both of their stories. Dante the observing, charming man that he is noticed that Denise?s muscles were tense and asked her if she needed a massage. Denise graciously accepted and thought this is her time to rectify the situation. So they went into the room and Maxwell?s song ?This Woman?s Work? was playing. The evening that they shared that knight was incomparable to anything the two twenty year olds had ever shared. You seen the tears come from both of there eyes as Dante penetrated Denise so subtlety. They knew at that point in time that they could never be with anyone else.

Kisha got back from her basketball road trip on a late Sunday evening. Dante called her and said we shouldn?t see anymore of each other. Even though she treated Dante wrong a lot she still cared for him a lot. Dante would not accept her calls for a while. Simone came back from her wonderful trip to the mountains with her boyfriend with an engagement ring on her finger. She remained friends with both, but refused ever to comment. She learned a lot from Kisha and she really started to invest more time in Baron and there relationship. Kisha was seriously upset with herself more than anyone else in this situation, for she put herself in this vicarious positions. It was rumored that Dante and Denise were together, but she ignored those rumors. Allan was not impressed with the way his cousin Denise handled that situation so they rarely talked, not even at family outings. Kisha came clean to Allan and they started a monogamous faithful relationship together. Kisha had learned her lesson, and Allan learned from Kisha that what you do in the dark will surface to the light.

It is now 2005 and all three couples are married. Denise and Dante have a beautiful baby girl name Dantasia Marie Johnson. They are doing very well both making six-figure salaries and Denise is one of the top-ten orthepedic surgeons on the planet. They now live in Buckhead in one of Atlanta?s most prestigious neighborhoods. Simone and Baron are happily married and have a terrible two-year-old son Corey Michael Morris. Simone is an accountant for some of the wealthiest people in Florida and Baron is in the process of writing a computer program that will revolutionize the industry. Kisha and Allan are doing well but have no kids. Kisha is a WNBA all-star and Allan owns several businesses in the Philadelphia Area. Kisha making her third consecutive appearance at the all star game, and this year it is in Atlanta the place where here basketball career soared to the next level. Still die-hard fans of the WNBA Dante and Denise were in attendance at a capacity crowd in the Georgia Dome. It was in the fourth quarter and Kisha?s East All-Star team was down by 1 point with 4.2 seconds to go. She makes an amazing steel of the inbound pass, and she takes it coast to coast going up for her first dunk, and its good with no time remaining on the clock. On the way down she cracks her fibula in three places. The whole crowd is silent, and Denise and Dante are charging down onto court from the press box. Denise runs to Kisha and says, ?are you alright Diva?? I love you and miss you so much! Kisha says, ?No Diva I am not alright, but I think I will be if you rectify the situation.?


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