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I expected after hearing all about this baby for this to be very interesting, and depending on what baby I got I would make my conclusions on what I expected for that night. I let my friend choose which hand the normal card was in. I think I will just pick for myself next time. Because then he chose the cranky baby and I was in for a long night. I expected it to cry at least 4 or more times a night. I expected to be up all night long and get no sleep at all. My family made fun of me because of the baby and decided it was funny that I was taking care of a baby, but also warned me if it wakes them up at night that I am going to get in trouble. Then after they heard it cry a couple of times I think they felt sorry for me, well almost everybody my brother just made more fun of me. My mom wouldn?t let me go out that night so I could not go into the world with it, which was probably better in the long run. The only public looks I got were at school but everybody knew it was a plastic baby. I would expect people to look at me funny if I were caring around a baby, just because if I saw a kid caring around a baby I would do the same. I was trying to talk on the phone but the baby would cry and I would have to explain to the other person on the phone why I had to let them go for a second. I have decided I like dogs more than I like babies, so I think I will do what my neighbors did and just have 4-6 Golden Retrievers. But if I do in the future have children (please no, help) I should have a steady job by then, because I refuse to have kids until I am out of college and have a good job. Then I would use the thousands of dollars I make a week there to pay for the childcare needs. Do to any other thoughts, I pray for all those who did not wait and had the child, I pray to them that they can pull together and still live the life they wanted in there dreams, I pray to them now and forever, Amen.

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