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The blood curdling screams of torture echoed prosaically through the hallways from the IMC (Individuality Mutilation Center). Chad adjusted the collar to his Polo shirt that had been issued by the school within the last week. Student’s sat apathetically indifferent to the pleas, hardly even noticing that one was even in pain. He looked askancely to see eyes intently focused on the chalkboard. A subtle, cold sweat formed on his brow. Why had the scream alerted him?

“May I please use the lavatory, ma’am” David asked mannerly.

“Surely David, please fill out a hall pass first.” answered Ms. Sommers in an equally pleasing tone.

Chad shivered in a cloud of nebulous thoughts. What was making him itch? Something tugged at his mind that he had never felt before within his twelve years of schooling. He realized only a moment too late that his attention had drifted from classwork. Ms. Sommers stopped in mid-sentence and depressed a small red button. Punctually, the nurse with her two assistants arrived in the classroom.

Dryly she asked, “Mr. Chad Cotton, we require you to step into the hall for but a moment.”

Chad calmly knew what to expect, a significant dosage of Attenifacilin [a pressure-injected derivative of Ritalin to focus a student's attention]. However, this time he felt a drive that wanted to resist. He regained his clarity again; why should he resist? The fact was apparent, focus meant knowledge, knowledge meant grades, grades meant success, and success meant happiness. He wondered why his father had been so uncooperative. The IMC had efficiently set his father on track again.

Chad calmly accepted the injection as all students should. He returned to class and a pleased teacher. Chad’s thoughts did not drift once more throughout the day.

The following day Chad quickly straightened the crease in his Khaki dockers during Biology. The teacher explained that the human brain’s anatomy was virtually uniform for all Class A’s. Class A’s did not need IMC programming to perfect minor flaws and imbalances within the brain. Class B’s were programmed and class C’s were bred to become waitress’ or mechanics and were not allowed college education by federal mandate. Chad thought of the day his father had admitted his borderline Class B tendencies.

Chad considered what made Class B differ from his own Class A rank during Swahilian speech class.

“Oon jaba nicto.” the teacher emphatically bursted.

“Individuality is idleness.” The class responded.

Class B was equally intelligent as his dad had thoroughly proved.

“Kluk kluk nooky onu lehma.” she dexterously expressed.

“Math and science have more practical relevancy than philosophy.”

His dad had often been in trouble for his home-sewn sweat pants and want to learn the inner-workings of his Honda.

“Ack mi lenopten shoo chack” The teacher danced.

“I will only succeed by scoring highly on the SAT.”

His dad now only spent his time wanting to have family meetings and completing company paperwork.

“Fonna tierne op paptu rashni!” she screamed.

“Good grades are a reflection of intelligence” they replied fervently.

Struck by a seeming large and blunt object, Chad’s expression became one of awe; enlightenment had manifested.

Again, the teacher depressed the red button.

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