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Terms and Conditions

I. About

Imbalance Music, started by the members of Imbalance, is a new, but not inexperienced studio. The producers of Imbalance Music have a knowledgeable sense of the equipment they work with. The studio, The Garden , is located in Corbin, KY at the junction of Hwy 1629 and Hwy 830. This studio is the perfect setting for bands that want to get their first taste of how the recording business will be, and how to manage their time.

The producers at Imbalance Music have over 150 hours in studio time, and have been in music as a band for a year. The musicians alone have over 10 years of experience in other ventures. This guarantees that your sound that you want will be the sound that they produce for you. This venture gives the producers even more experience and gives you, the client, a working LP or EP to get your name noticed as well.

II. The Process and Scheduling

Using Cool Edit Pro as the main tracking unit, the sound is crisp with the ability to do just about anything that is possible to do effects wise. It also gives the freedom to control each instrument, voice, and drum without compromising any of the final sound. The main engineer has experience with this program and knows how and when to use all of its components.

The process used to do the tracking is that which you would see in any other studio. They start with drums and get the mix right for recording. They then record drums. Next they move to bass. Then the guitars are recorded. Finally the vocals are tracked. Then any effects are added. Next they mix, EQ, and then master the track. The final product is a song that your band has created that will have what it takes to be played on any radio station or to be sent as a demo to record labels.

Scheduling is simple. Two days to complete all tracking, ranging up to 10 hours per day, and one day to do mixing. The total for all of this is $150 for a demo consisting of four songs, and $50 per song after. DURING MIXING ONLY TWO BAND MEMBERS ALLOWED IN STUDIO. The only reason for this is because the more people allowed into the studio, the longer it will take to get the mix. Discuss the sound you want with your members, then pick the two you most trust on the sound. If more than two are allowed, you will loose more money because of the conflicting ideas and time wasted on them. Any extra sessions will be charged $50. Scheduling will be done on behalf of Imbalance Music and members of the band.

III. Disclaimer

Imbalance Music will produce the sound that you (the band) desire for your CD, but do require that you do not expect to have a sound reproduced completely professional. The sound will be to the best of the producers abilities, which is believed to be suffice for the purposes intended for the EP or LP. Imbalance Music will also provide 30 CD s of the finished product. Bands must pay HALF up front as a deposit and for any necessities needed for the sessions. Bands must also realize that The Garden is also a place of dwelling and must be treated respectfully. Any misconduct will resort in dismissal of project with the deposit not being refunded. This is a simple task that should not be a problem.

It is required for bands to bring their own performing equipment to the studio. This insures that your desired sound will be in your hands, as well as the producer s hands.

The members of Imbalance Music wish you well in your venture into music and will be available for all of your needs and wishes.

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