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The World of Work

There are many types of jobs in the world. People work for various reasons. Many people enjoy their careers. Some people are dissatisfied with their jobs, but continue to work to support themselves and their family.

My family has various types of jobs; ranging from government jobs to working in the steel mill. My mom is a probation officer. She enjoys her job because she works with people and is able to help some of them. My dad is a property specialist for an insurance company. He also works with people and enjoys his job, because he can help people in need. My grandpa is a retired ironworker he enjoyed his job too; he built things for people. On the other hand, my grandma is a steel mill worker, she tolerates her job, but she only does it to support her family.

I hope to emulate my families work ethics they all help people and are diligent workers.

It is possible to enjoy your job, most of my family does. Most people chose careers on their likes. They prepare for a job begging at the high school level. After high school they go to trade school or college. After graduation they begin working their chosen job. Since it s something they chose to do and enjoy it, it does not seem like work.

My first job was putting away my toys. I had fun doing it too. I made a game out of it; I would drive my trucks into their garages, then I would close down the city, next I would move the city and trucks into the toy box, finally I would close the lid. The city was asleep.

The worst job I ever had was helping my dad clean out his garage. I did not understand why I had to clean up his mess and I did not know where his things belonged.

The best job I ever had was refereeing soccer for children under six years old. I enjoyed helping them out, teaching them what I know, and being able to watch what I like to do most.

I have learned lots of things from working. It can be fun and it is not always about the money. I would referee for free. When you enjoy your job it does not seem like work and the time flies by.

My career goal is to become a surgeon. I enjoy working as a team and helping other people out. I will need several years of higher education after earning my high school diploma. A bachelor s degree from college, medical school, and serving a residency in a hospital will be necessary before I become

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