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When I was a child I could only have dream of having toys like they do today. With the technology advancements and new inventions that they have today the toy companies can make toys that walk, talk, and learn all on their own.

Growing up as a child I played with toys such as little plastic toy soldiers, metal Tonka trucks, a variety of toy animals which were either made of plastic or stuffed and you had to use your imagination to pretend that they could talk and listen to you. We also had this video game called Atari.

Technology has had the biggest effect on the change of the toys from my childhood to the toys today. When I was younger we played the Atari. It was a big box, which looked like the cable boxes of today that hook up to your TV. It had two joysticks, which had one button on it. The game cartridges were boxy and they had one-dimensional levels. Today with layer technology we have the Sony Playstation which is smaller in size, and the games are on CD?s. The levels are three-dimensional and you have a controller with several different buttons and it shakes during the game to make it seem realistic.

Technology has also effected the toy cars and trucks of my childhood days. When I was a child I used to wear out the knees in every pair of pants I owned pushing around little cars and Tonka trucks. Now they have remote control cars that use radio signals to move on their own. With the push of a button you can make them turn, go straight or reverse. It is battery operated, the battery operates the radio signal from the controller in your hand to the antenna on the car.

Today they have toys that can walk, talk, and learn on their own. With the aid of computer chips that can be programmed to do certain thing or store memory. This enables them to talk; they are programmed to say certain things. Now they have made the Furby which can actually pickup things that you say process it and say it back to you. These are much more advanced than the toy animals of my childhood.

Now they have come out with a toy called Giga pet. This toy is like a pet, you have to feed, bathe, nurse, and take care of it. If you don?t the pet will die and you will have to start the game over.

If technology has advanced toys this much in about ten years it will scare you to think what is to come the next ten years. You never know toys may even take over the world.

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