Разработка урока и теста по страноведению США Remarkable moments of the War for Independence and the American Revolution. The battles of Lexington and Concord. This quiz can be used to test the knowledge gained by pupils during the above lesson.
Разработка двух уроков по истории Великобритании Great Britain during the early Victorian period. The Parliament in the early Victorian period Liberals and Conservatives. Lord Palmerston. Gladstone and the revival of parliamentary reform. Disraeli and acceptance of the principle of reform.
Brief course on lexicology Essence of the lexicology and its units. Semantic changes and structure of a word. Essence of the homonyms and its criteria at the synchronic analysis. Synonymy and antonymy. Phraseological units definition and classification.
History of American Literature The biography of John Smith Washington Irving Hugh Henry Brackenridge Benjamin Franklin Charles Brockden Brown Edgar Allan Poe Ralph Waldo Emerson Philip Freneau Nathaniel Hawthorne Walt Whitman. General characteristics of American romanticism.
The history of English Historical background of the History of English. Assimilative Vowel Changes Breaking and Diphthongisation. Old English phonetics and grammar. Morphological classification of nouns. Evolution of the grammatical system.
Text analysis in translation Systematic framework for external analysis. Audience medium and place of communication. The relevance of the dimension of time and text function. General considerations on the concept of style. Intratextual factors in translation text analysis.
Организация и методика производственного обучения Содержание и назначение учебных планов и программ. Рассмотрение понятия о формах теоретического и производственного обучения. Принципы организации подготовки педагога к преподаванию дисциплины.
Социология культуры Философские основы социологического изучения культуры. История становления и развития социологии культуры: основные концепции. Морфология социальная типология культуры. Социальные и социологические аспекты развития культуры социокультурная коммуникация.
Activity of campaigns Business situations. Company s Activities. Increase in use of the Internet. The analysis of requirements of buyers. Kinds of activity of campaign. Manufacturers of the goods suppliers of the goods and services.
Lipid biosynthesis Protein and energy storage. Fatty acid biosynthesis. Formation of malonyl-CoA. The pantothenate group of ACP. Two-step sequence of the oxaloacetate. Synthesis of triacylglycerols. Cholesterol biosynthesis and its control.
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