Современная система образования в США Общая информация от начальной школы до средней школы учителя в систему образования в США начальные средние школы учреждения высшего образования тенденции в образовании. Частные колледжи и университеты колледжи.
Система образования в Канаде Общая информация история канадской образовательной системы. Начальные и средние школы учителя система канадских специализированных школ. История канадских университетов. Как это все начиналось первоисточники и дополнения образовательной системы.
Steinbeck, John. The Pearl Steinbeck, John. The Pearl. The Plot. Main Characters. The storyis set in the little village La Paz , which is situated on thecoast of the Gulf on California The couple sleeps on mats on the dirtяoor and their little son Coyotito sleeps in a hanging box. Kino is happy andcontent with his life despite the family is very poor.
Dickens - David Copperfield Dickens - David Copperfield. TheAuthor. TheSummary. His father, whowas a government clerk, was imprisoned for dept and Dickens was brieяy sent towork in a blacking warehouse at the age of twelve. He received little formaleducation, but taught himself shorthand and became a reporter of parliamentarydebates for the Morning Chronicle.
Rain Man Rain Man. Actually Charly is the only relation his father had,at least hethinks so. But when the lawyer opens him that he only gets the red Buick and theaward- winning roses Charly is very upset He sees, that Raymond is unable to live in a normal world
Long Day`s Journey Into the Night Long Day`s Journey Into the Night.
The Streetcar Named Desire The Streetcar Named Desire. Characters. Summary.
The Sound and the Fury The Sound and the Fury. Summary of April Seventh, 1928. Benjy`s memories, in chronological order.
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