Radio Essay, Research Paper

KDKA AM 1020

Pittsburgh, PA

Thursday Nov.16


I listened to a show called ?Sports Talk With Thor Tolo.? I really enjoyed this show. There were not to many commercial breaks, and the commercials they did play were usually about cars, lawn care, and tools and eqipment. Basically KDKA ?Sports Talk? is geared towards an older male audience.

For a while the topic of talk was the Pittsburgh Steelers. I could listen to ?Steelers talk? all day long. Their coverage of discussing all the aspects of the Steelers was very accurate. Mr. Tolo is a very good DJ, and brings a whole lot of knowledge to the table. He really new is information, and stats.

After they talked about the Steelers for a while, Mr. Tolo than got to talking about other sporting news. One of his major stories was that one time New York Mets home run slugger, Darrel Strawberry, was in jail again for using drugs. Mr. Tolo said that he was not surprised by Strawberry?s actions, and stated that he needs to decide what is really important in his life.

I really thought that Mr. Thor Tolo did an excellent job delivering the sporting news around Pittsburgh, as well as the entire country. He was very accurate and firm on his opinions. Overall, a great talk radio show.

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