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Undesirable want reveals indignant force for those who help others. As many helped in the

El Salvador incident, they illustrated their want, their need to not only save their own, but

people they didn t even know, which shows real character. Great saviors came out of this,

yet many bodies were lost in the unbelievable pile of homogeneousness; all the same yet so

far to reach, so far to touch, so far. As both a mass murder and also a haven for those

who chose to save lives or attempt to save them, the incident that so tepidly touched the

American people brings chaos and disruption.

El Salvador provided the light for some to shine as heroes and emerge as

someone in their unrecognized personal lives. This light brought the body count to well

defined number as they just kept piling up. This incident closely resembles the Oklahoma

City bombing. The same concept of loosing mass quantities of bodies exists and the same

idea that the unknown will be shown, will be seen it presented. Death of mass proportion

is not seen well in the eyes of the American people; that is why when a mass murder like El

Salvador and Oklahoma City occurs there is nervous tension everywhere one looks. All

over the new an media, this killed this many people and that murdered a family and two

kids get run over by a drunken driver and a father drives his children into a river to let them

die; it is a sick sad world , this America, this land of opportunity.

Those who chose to stay after this destructible force and help save lives or

find bodies will emerge the heroes of the Salvador era. Oklahoma City was the same way;

many stayed to save and attempt to bring many back to life, out from the dead, out of that

horrible situation. Both combined indented the idea of peace throughout the nation and

even the world. Both aroused tension between life and death, jail or freedom, guilty or

innocent. The one who chose to spare his own life and brutally murder all of those people

is now going to feel what it is like to die, to not be among the living, to eat his own doings.

All his life he probably never knew he would do something like this, yet his mind let his

body take over and reacted to whatever was brought about him. Anyone who does not

fear death must fear life, therefore wants a way out and proves to be the guilty one on the

day of atonement. And on this day of atonement his sentence is given and it gives him

what he obviously needs- the guilt and shame that what he did murdered families and

children and innocent people.

Emerging the hero doesn t always prove to be the best thing for someone;

on occasion they see some things that they probably wouldn t want to see, yet they proceed

on and reveal that they do it straight from the heart and no where else. Between the mass

killings in El Salvador and Oklahoma, both let down the American people and brought the

idea of death upon all who grazed the subject.

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