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I am an American. I think it is the best place to live on earth. There are many problems in this world and the United States is the best country in the earth. We have many problems, but we can fix them a lot easier than other countries. We have the worlds greatest military and economy. Those are just a few reasons why I am proud to be an American. The United States includes all of the fifty states and they are united, which means we will work together and accomplish anything. I think one of the greatest accomplishments is going to the moon. John F. Kennedy proved to all the other countries that we can do anything. This year is an election year and it will be the newest president of the millennium. Whoever it may be will have a big role in leading the greatest place in the world. Everyone criticized President Clinton for the things that he did while in office, but look at the good things that he has done and that overcomes all the bad things. Thanks to him our economy is the best it has ever been. There have been some school shootings and that is terrible but we should be thankful that there are not more of them. If our country changes then so are the people that live there. We have fought in many wars and I wish it would have been fewer be sometimes things have to be done differently. Without war we would not have our freedom. Freedom might be better than the moon even because we can do anything anytime we want unless it is against the law. It would be bad to live in a place where there was war going on all the time and poor people all over with rats and mice running all over. I don?t know who the greatest president ever was but I think they all were good when they were ruling this nation.

We have more technology than most countries. We have the right to carry fire arms with us in vehicles. If I lived in Cuba or a country like that it would be the worst place to live. People there would die just to get out of the country and government. We have a great educational system here. We have less problems with getting jobs. We are free to walk the streets. The only problems is that our jobs are too full and we are wasting our tax on them people. Crime seems like it is increasing so that is a bad problem. We don?t really waste the taxes because we use it like we should. Our country is still in debt but we are working on it. That what I like because there are so many people trying to make things better and easier. We have so many things to love and worry about. There are millions of options to take. That is why I am proud to be an American.

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