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It is the individuals in society that give life meaning, not possessions, not developments, nor products. Material things can be done without, but I can t do without my friends, family, and boyfriend. They are the most important things in my life, and they always will be. My future will consist of these people, but I don t know what possessions I will have, or what developments will arise. My ideal future life will be fulfilling my goals, while gathering a great amount of experience along the way. My goals are to finish school with a terrific ENTER score, so I can enroll into a physiotherapy course in Adelaide. I may need to be flexible, because I might have to complete a year in human movement, with a lower ENTER score. That s only if my score isn t high enough for physio. I also want to rent a house, meet new friends, and after my 4 years of university, I will move back to Mildura, and work, using my new experiences from Uni. My future life will also include my boyfriend Gordon, with whom id like to spend the rest of my life. His goals fit in with mine. He has to work hard this year as well, to achieve his score for an agriculture course in a south Australian Uni. Which we will rent a unit together, move back to Mildura, onto his block, get married, have children, and enjoy life to its greatest extent. That is our dream, and everything is pointing in that direction.

Goals certainly matter in life. If there are no goals especially at my age, what is there to live for? What am I doing here? Well I am here at school, because it s the only way I know how to reach my long life achievements and dreams. I know I can rely on my goals to help me through tough times. Just thinking about what I will end up doing, and how my life could turn out, is just a great excitement. There is one thing we need to think about though. That s chance. We don t know what lies ahead disease, wealth, injuries, marriage, and even death. Chances mean life is never perfect, just like ourselves, and these factors need to be considered in life. One thing I do know about life is that dreams can come true, if a lot of hard work is put into them.

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