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I first became interested with being a graphic designer in art class in 8th grade. We had to make a design with our initials in it. Since then I have always liked to draw designs from scratch. Now that I finally got to look into actually being a graphic designer I found out a lot of interesting information about the job. I found information about the pay and benefits, special job requirements, the training and education needed, and lastly what a typical day on the job is like as a graphic designer.

First, I investigated the typical day as a graphic designer. I began by talking to John Dundle of Davis. He told me that the first year for a graphic designer is the hardest because you don t get used to the environment for a while. He also said You have to do a lot of overtime to get the job done by the deadline. Which means working late at night and at home a lot . That kind of disappointed me because I like to sleep as much as possible. I also read that Graphic designers work in well lighted, pleasant, and air-conditioned places (Eureka), which I am happy about because I like nice, quiet atmospheres. I also like the fact that Self-employed Graphic Designers usually can set their own hours (Chronicle Guidance Publications). I also spoke to Ivan Dejidas on the Internet and he said, Graphic Designers have to make a lot of presentations every week , which really concerns me because I am kind of a shy person.

Next, I looked into the special job requirements to be a graphic designer. One of them that I already mentioned in the last paragraph was that you need to be able to make presentations weekly. I read that speech would be a great course to take in high school so that you learn how to make speeches and get the butterfly s out (Chronicle Guidance Publications). Another thing that John Dundle told me is you have to be patient with your work and not get frustrated with it , which is fine with me because I am a very patient person and I ll do what it takes to get the job done. I also read that A graphic designer needs to be able to work under extreme pressure and get the job done on time with no excuses (Occupational Guidance). I like that because I work well under pressure and it helps me get the job done better and faster. Ivan Dejidas also said All Graphic designers have to have excelled in art through high school and college to get to where they are now .

Then, I looked into the pay and benefits for this job. The first thing that John Dundle told me was that I wont be driving around in a Corvette or anything for a while until I establish my self as a well known graphic designer. That kind of busted my bubble because I always thought that graphic designers made a lot of money. I found by reading that A beginner working as a graphic designer can expect to earn from $27,000 to $35,000 a year. With in five years, earnings are usually in the $30,000 to $43,000 range (Occupational Guidance). Ivan Dejidas also said Most employers offer paid vacations and sick leave. The employer may also pay for health insurance, profit sharing plans, retirement plans, or other benefits . I like that because I like to go places and I also was looking for a job with some benefits. I was also hurt to read that self-employed designers must provide for insurance and retirement out of their own earnings (Chronicle Guidance Publication). I was hoping that graphic designers had more benefits than what they do have.

Last, I researched the training and education needed to be a graphic designer, I found out a lot of information on this topic. Ivan Dejidas said, That if I am serious about this career that I will have to take almost every art class offered in high school and college . I also read an aspiring designer should study English, computers, history, mechanical drawing, and social studies (Occupational Guidance). I like these entire course s so this is fine with me, but I don t like math at all. John Dundle also told me that most graphic designers have either a Bachelor s or a Master s degree. In reading the (Chronicle Guidance Publications) I found that Most graphic designers have a background of formal study and training, and that programs of study may range from one-year or two-year programs of study in community colleges to four-year or five-year programs culminating in a bachelor s or master s degree in an art institute or college .

I am really happy about all the information that I have found in my search. I was hoping to make a lot of money right off the bat, but it looks like that won t be happening. That is fine with me. I am also happy to hear that being a graphic designer doesn t include a lot of math because I hate math and I m not very good at it. Even though I haven t gotten over being shy yet, I plan to take a speech class some time in my high school career. I think that I still want to pursue this career and be successful at it.

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