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What comes to mind when you think about horrified world of soldiers and war? It is an image of the men who are strong, tall and brave. They wear the soldier’s uniforms and armed with a machine guns or it is a vision of fearful man with his injured feet and sit on the ground. In the real world, the war is very cruel and callous which can destroy everything and taken a thousand of the innocent lives easily. As a matter of fact, each country has to train a lot of soldiers in order to prevent other country’s attacking. Soldiers are very brave who dedicate their life to protect their country. In world war one, so many soldiers were killed which can imagine that a lot of dead bodies were formed at the scene of battlefield. This fact is meticulously described in Timothy Findley’s The Wars and Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front. During the war, the soldiers live in the battle scene as well as they live in

hell which are very horrible. Firstly, the government choose the people who are young, poor and not married man because they will go without the consent of his wife and family. Many people want to become soldier because if the people become to soldier, the government will give some money to his family every year. Therefore this method attract so many people to become a soldier. Secondly they are not provided enough foods in the battlefield. When they have nothing to eat, the only way, they have to eat the dead bodies to sustain their life which are very horrible. Thirdly, they have a lot of preventive jobs to do such as they have to build the great wall and dig holes to prevent the enemy’s invasion and locate a lot of cannons to attack. Fourthly, they live in a terrible environment which make them afraid to be killed anytime. Fifthly, many soldiers from both parties are sacrificed, many dead bodies are found at the scene of the battlefield which can imagine how horrible in the scenery.

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