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Final DraftIan ShafferMrs. LovejoyEnglish5/23/99 Ian ShafferMrs. LovejoyEnglish5-23-99My Future For my up and coming future I have severaloccupational paths in mind. Mainly I would like to goto one of two excellent universities and have twomajor job occupation ideas, but who knows if I mightchange my mind from now to graduation.My two collages I am currently looking at includethe excellent U of O, and the collage with the mostawesome tennis team in the world the University ofHawaii at Manoa. The two job opportunities I ampursuing are a Cardiologist and prosecuting attorneyat law.My first Occupational idea is a Cardiologist or(heart surgeon). My reasons for choosing thisoccupation is I think That in my life I would like tohelp people and save lives. The salaries and benefitsfor being a heart physician are $210,000 per year,and full medical, dental, and all personal health.This very generous paying job doesn t come without alot of hard work, six years of collage(post Graduate),and two years internship are required. You also mustdo very well your first four years in collage whilegetting your bachelors, and only 1 out of every 3 areeven excepted into the medical school. This occupationshows a good out look for future job availability andis expected to grow by seven percent within the next 4years. This job is my number one choice and wouldgive me personal satisfaction knowing I was helping

people in need of assistance.My second occupational idea is an independentprosecuting legal attorney. The main reason forchoosing this job is knowing that I have a very deepinterest and love for doing trials and defendingpeoples personal and federal rights as a human being.This year I am currently enrolled in a law and justiceclass where we do many mock trials and learn allsorts of amendments, tactics and different types oflegal rules laws and regulations. This job can payanywhere from $75,000 per year all the way up. Thereis no limit. We have seen and studied many differentattorneys who make well over $1,000,000,000 per year.Although a billion dollars is very uncommon manylawyers not only make a very lucrative income butalso enjoy full health benefits and retirement plans.This job requires four years of schooling post graduateand one year of stand in internships. Although they reare many personnel qualifications you must also be afairly good student and have the will to soak up asmuch knowledge as possible. I have a true love for thisjob so far and think it is almost like an art in the waythat you balance words out to perfection to prove onesinnocence or guilt. This job is suspected to grow by 26%within ten years and is supposed to have 75,000united states job openings within the next two years.The places and jobs that I have listed above tellabout my personnel goals and hopes for the future.Although these preferences are subject to much changein the next two years 1 thing is for sure and that is Iwould like to make something of myself.

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