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When our forefathers established the American Constitution, they held the beliefs that all citizens of the U.S. should have the basic freedoms and rights, equality and security. These basic beliefs laid the foundation for our country. These ideas are still used today.

If Americans did not have basic freedoms and rights, then our government would not be a democracy. Some of these freedoms include freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. The stated ideas are some of the core values that run our country today. If we as Americans do not exercise these rights our country will not succeed or grow. For example, if a person is given the right to vote and they do not vote during the election period, then they are not exercising their right to vote and therefore not helping in the furthering of our country. If this would happen on a large scale, then laws and other bills would be passed on the decision of a small amount of people.

Furthermore, as Americans, we have been introduced and accepted a melting pot of cultures in this country. Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics and so forth make up a portion of our population. We coexist with each other, respecting each other?s religion, traditions and ways of life. Here in the U.S., equality is a core value that must be respected to further our country. Not only is equality found in racial differences, but also in physical and gender differences. If we ignore the idea of equality, we would be constantly at war with each other because of our differences and we could not further ourselves in today?s upcoming global market. It is the people?s duty to respect equality and to embrace it.

As our global economy flourishes, newer and faster technology is always on the brink of invention. So, to learn how to operate these new technologies, education is a must. Education teaches us not only how to add, subtract, write papers and finish science labs, but also how to interact in every day life. Education is a constant struggle in the U.S. Trying to keep teenagers from dropping out of high school, or teaching adults how to read. Schooling is one of the only ways the not so well off can get ahead in life. With out education, it is very hard to live in the U.S. successfully and safely.

As we enter the 21st century, people begin to wonder what the horizons will bring. New advancements in science, new industries, and a mission to Mars. With this new horizon approaching, we need to be prepared. The preparation needed includes a full education, common sense, goals and determination. With these four things, we can lead our country to another successful millennium.

Finally, Americans have long known the security of our country and the people who keep the country secure. It is in belief that people should join the ranks of young men and women in the military when the country calls upon them. This helps guarantee our security. Other ways of helping keeping our country secure is by abiding by the laws and respecting them. All of this is important to the American society to run a smooth government and life. In return, the government repays the people by providing social security, welfare and other programs to secure the lives and lifestyles of the people. If we as individuals do not uphold these beliefs, then our society could not grow and prosper.

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