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Mr. Millennium Man

Each contestant had to:

-sign a contract

1.) down payment of $15, ensures commitment

2.) the last day you can withdraw from the contest

3.) no grudges, if not selected

4.) to accept with honor, if selected

-fill out an info sheet

1.) the name of your escort

2.) what they were going to wear (swimwear, etc…)

Lay-out of the Contest:

-opening number (choreographed by some of the officers)

-talent (karaoke)

-swim wear

-evening wear



Rules and Regs:

-have to be fully clothed for swimwear

-can use props (beach ball, sunglasses, etc…)

-must have an escort

-talent is judged on ability to follow music, not singing ability

We received donations from companies to give to each contestant.

-local pizzerias

-local restaurants


Judging was done by our lunch ladies. Could also have peers, teachers, and/or

parents instead.


-each category

-info on each guy (height, zodiac sign, etc…)

-directions of where to go

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