Neat People Vs Sloppy People


Neat People Vs Sloppy People Essay, Research Paper

Recently, I have seen the differences between neat people and sloppy people. I have found out that the differences between those two kinds of persons are based on their morality. Neat people are hard workers, and they are always happy. Sloppy people are very lazy; they can not never get something done.

Neat people always want a place for everything and everything in the right place, and they have everything clean. I think that being a neat person is good because when you are looking for something, you always are going to find it, and this way you avoid stress of not finding what you want immediately. Another good thing about having everything clean is that you have less risk of having hazardous germs in your house that can infect you.

Neat people are always in good mood; they are kind with the people that are around them; they are more respectful and amiable than sloppy people are. I think that the reason that they are very convivial is that their lives are very organized. Neat people do everything at the right time; they are clean lovers and that makes them to be the way they are.

For all these reasons and more, neat people are nicer and energetic than sloppy people. They never say ?tomorrow?, for the things that could be done today. When a neat person sets a goal, they reach it; it does not matter how hard it is to obtain the goal. They do it.

On the other hand, the sloppy people are a mess. This class of people never wants to do anything. Sloppy people are happy only when they are not doing anything. Sloppy people are incapable of doing something for their own will. Sloppy people only do things that satisfy themselves. That is the reason that they are meaner and lazy.

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