Honor “The Definition In The Past Vs The Definition Now” Essay, Research Paper

As time progresses many changes occur in human life. Society, our way of transportation, language, and our way of survival. I you read a lot you probably notice that words that are in older books tend to have a different meaning that today. For instance, the word honor. The word honor has changed since the 1300 s as far as people perceived it. But as far as the dictionary definition it has not changed. In comparing them you will find that they are the are close to the same.

In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, honor is portrayed as being the very heart, essence of a knight s knightly hood (life). Previously in the story Sir Gawain had preformed horrendous acts of courage, and bravery (doing the right thing ) which in turn earned the respect of others. As illustrated in the book, when Sir Gawain made the mistake of promising the hostess of the castle not to give the green lace to the host (because of the game they were play Gawain was suppose or give anything he won to the Host and vice versa). Gawain lost integrity, esteem, and respect for himself (honor) because of his actions. Back in the 1300 s honor (especially knights) was looked upon strongly in those days. Honor meaning: High respect, as that shown for special merit, esteem or a good name or reputation. In which Gawain lost by not abiding by the rules of the game that he play with the Host. By Gawain not following the rules he was ashamed of himself and felt that he could not be a Knight anymore.

In modern times honor is looked upon in the same light but in a lighter degree (definition still being the same as the on in the dictionary).

For instances Superman. In show superman, superman is look at as being perfect. He has the charismatic look, intelligence courage and honor. Instead of honor being the most important aspect of a superman it seems that one of the most important thing is who he rescues. The word honor is still the same, but it is not portrayed upon the character as much as back in the past (still important though to a character persona). An example being when Louis is falling off a building and superman comes to her rescue. That is looked upon more than his honor.

Although the word honor has a different was emphasized more in the past more than in the present, It still means the same thing (definition). As illustrated it is shown that 696 years that the definition of honor has not change and in fact still remains the same.

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