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Knights were professional soldiers, They had the best weapons, and they rode on the best horses. Most knights went around looking for work, to fight, they liked to fight. Sometimes when a war would be about to happen, the country would need all the knights they could get. By the 11th century, knights were getting nobler, and they were getting better all the time. Around the 12th century, the number of knights declined from the 13th century onwards. Real knights disappeared in the 16th century in France and earlier in other countries. Knighthood was huge before they had guns tanks and all the stuff we have today, when battles were still being fought in hand-to-hand combat with heavy armored knights. Even when nobody was fighting knights looked for fights, they were like bullies they loved to fight. Fighting happened a lot, because the normal people were usually pretty weak so the knights would have to join in the fight and help a guy out. When a war would be on and everybody was being slaughtered the town people would flee to the castle. When not fighting the knights would fight in tournaments to win power, and money. Training of a knight started when he was very young, from the age of seven a boy would serve as a “Page” until he was 14 years old. Then he was called a “Squire”. This is when the real training began. He would have to learn to use a lance and start wearing heavy armor. The squire also assisted the real knights. At the end of his training, when he was 21, he would become a knight. There would be a big ceremony were the knight would basically party with his friends and family all night, sort of like a birthday party but way bigger. Then to make it official the knight would be tapped on his neck or shoulder with the flat part of a sword. The “dubbing” would take place in public along with music and entertainment. Knights could also be created in a war or in battle without any ceremony.


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