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Ever since the invention of the wheel, transportation has improved in many areas. Safety, comfort, and travel speed are a few of these areas in which transportation has improved. There is a big difference in the safety, comfort and travel speed of transportation in the 1800’s compared to the 1900’s.

Safety in the 1800’s needed great improvement. While traveling on the rough dirt roads, it was not uncommon for a wooden wheel to break off of a horse drawn buggy and cause serious injury. Travelers in the 1800’s also had to worry about their horses being spooked. If a horse was startled, the buggy could be upset and the travelers could be injured.

The safety in the 1900’s has greatly improved since the 1800’s. The worry of a wheel breaking off of a vehicle today is not thought of, and almost every roadway throughout the country is paved. Vehicles today are structured of steel, which is very durable. Because the vehicle is operated by it’s passenger, it is unlikely to do something unexpected. This may only occur if the operator acts irresponsibly.

The comfort of transportation in the 1800’s was very poor. Because of its rigid construction, the ride in a buggy was extremely uncomfortable. The horse-drawn buggy had very little suspension, if any. Traveling on a hot summer’s day was unpleasant. In most cases, there was little protection from the sun’s rays. Passengers were overwhelmed by the heat, and had to fight off the unwanted insects. Winters were just the opposite of summers. The horse and buggy provided little protection from the cold. If the weather was too severe, traveling by horse and buggy became impossible.

The comfort of a vehicle in the 1900’s shows great improvement since the 1800’s. There is now suspension on the vehicles, so the passengers cannot feel the uneven ground beneath them. Vehicles today are totally enclosed, and come complete with air conditioning and heating. Air conditioning provides cool, comfortable transportation in the summer and heating keeps passengers warm in the winter. With these conveniences, traveling in the severe winter weather is made possible.

Travel speed in the 1800’s also needed improvement. Even though horses are strong animals, they cannot match the power of today’s gasoline engines. One day a week was set aside for the trip into town to gather goods. This was because of the large amount of time it took to travel into town. Horses are living animals, so they must be fed and hydrated on long trips. For a family to move across the country, it took several months.

Today, travel speed is much faster. People can travel to the nearest town in a matter of minutes. The highly developed gasoline engines in the vehicles allow for much faster traveling speeds. The only stop that is a must for today’s transportation is to fill up on fuel. A person can travel from one end of the country to the other in a few days, rather than a few months.

Transportation has greatly improved since the 1800’s. Traveling today is much more safe, comfortable and less time consuming. Today, when people get into their vehicles they do not have to worry about wheels falling off, getting too hot or cold, or driving forever to reach their destination.

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