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The Definition of the Discrimination

The psychological meaning of the word discrimination is the ability to see and respond the differences among stimuli. IN other words, discrimination is the process when one group putting them over the other. This is a traditional meaning, which have been existed from the long time ago until now. People who had more authority always discriminated the people who were less powerful. However the definition of the word discrimination has been changing with time.

The relatively early form of discrimination was slavery. From 16- through late18 centuries the slavery regime was taking place in America. Slavery is the very beginning kind of discrimination. White, rich people were buying people from Africa and another poor regions, and turning them into the slaves. This poor people couldn?t afford their living needs, or they were captives from the remote villages, or they were debtors and couldn?t pay to their creditors, so after a while of not paying, creditors were selling the to slavery. After that slaves were usually working on plantations or at the house of their owners. Moreover, sometimes they were badly discriminated by the owners, but sometimes, authority people were kind to them.

Later, the race discrimination took place in world?s society. The basic meaning of the racism is the idea that certain personalities, culture, intellect, skin color is better then someone else?s. The racism exists in almost every nation. The worst example of racism appeared during World War 2, when Germans proclaimed themselves as the perfect race and started to destroy such nations as Jews, Russians and Ukrainians in order to make the eligible race from the rest of the people. During this event Germans killed and destroyed more hen half Russian Jewish population, and several millions of Ukrainians. However, after loosing the war, Germans stopped the mass discrimination, and started to pay some compensation to the victims and their families. Another example of race discrimination took place in the United States, when African-Americans were discriminated and turned at first into slaves, but later to the minority in America?s society. However even now in some parts of America African American people are not considered as the equal part of community. Also the current and the most glaring example of race discrimination going on in the Middle East countries, between Israeli and Palestinian people. These nations discriminating each other on the religion bases.

The other kind of the discrimination, known as price discrimination. This means selling different products at different prices to different buyers. Discrimination between buyers can be based on income, race, age, gender or geographic location. The main idea of the price discrimination is one kind of people cannot purchase products for as low price then the others. For example, in Austria sellers more likely will sell the products to the native citizens then to visitors from outer country. In addition, native people will get all possible kinds of discounts, in contrast to visitors, which most likely will pay the full price. However the price discrimination based on age id not necessarily a bad thing. For instance, in stored young people under 18 cannot buy cigarettes, or under 21 cannot purchase alcohol. This is very reasonable and made for people, not against them

In early 19th century there was such kind as sexual discrimination. This notion implies that women as a minority didn?t have right to do almost anything. They couldn?t take high manager position at work, couldn?t go to school, working as the journalists est. Foe long time women were fighting for their rights and finally in some big countries they go what they wanted. However, in other countries, such as Muslim countries, some parts of South America, and Egypt women still limited in what they can do.

In all the examples written before I was trying to explain the traditional kinds of discrimination, when the majority discriminating minority. Nowadays, however, the word discrimination found another meaning, which is controversial discrimination. This kind of discrimination has relatively short history. It started approximately 35 years ago. The main idea of it, is giving more opportunities to minority groups then to the rest of the society. There are a lot of examples of it such as legislation of gay marriages in some states, or giving the high managers places at work, or other good job opportunities. Or another example can be invitation of the teachers from the other counties and giving them more privileges then to the local professors.

Generally the fact of bringing up the minority groups is good because it decreases the discrimination on them. However, after a while, minorities are starting to get over the majorities, and this the precise meaning of controversial discrimination. So, as we can see here the traditional discrimination (majorities over minorities) taking the right opposite directions. Therefore, discrimination in any kind ant appearance should be avoided. The exact meaning of this word is NOT to be equal, to show someone?s privileges over the others. In my opinion, in perfect society should not be any discrimination. Everybody should respect each other and treat then like they wont to be treated.

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