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Driving down my street in East Greenbush, NY you will notice many big beautiful trees and yards. As you drive further down the street one house always seems to stand out. It started out as a small, one-floor ranch. Then, after many years of renovation, a mansion arose. This house makes every house surrounding it look like a pile of sticks. Inside are three main points of interest, the room of oversized things, the master bedroom and the swimming pool. After walking through the front door you are greeted by the room of oversized things. This family room is gigantic in every way. To start, it is about the size of eight classrooms and has a two-story cathedral ceiling. At Christmas time they are able to get a 25-foot tree. The t.v. is 71 inches and fully equipped with a satellite dish and surround sound. Images on this t.v. are literally larger than life. The furniture in this room is equally as large. Each of the couches can comfortably seat ten people, sometimes more. Both have three gigantic cushions, each soft as can be. Finally, there is the masterpiece, the fireplace. It is made of several enormous pieces of stone. Each piece is about the size of a classroom desk. The stones are usually covered with the sweet smell of burned wood. The fireplace covers much of the wall and extends all the way to the ceiling. It is truly magnificent. After the initial awe of the family room subsides you can take a trip up to the master bedroom. The bedroom is almost the same size as the family room. It is filled with a massive king sized bed, and matching couches. All of the furniture goes together and is as big and comfortable as can be. Situated in one corner is a home entertainment system. The system is complete with a stereo and a big screen t.v. In the other corner is a fireplace. This fireplace has all of the beauty of the other but on a smaller scale. On the other side of the room are the most incredible glass doors. Through the doors lie a Jacuzzi. The tub is coated a pearly white and always smells of sweet raspberries. Around the corner is the biggest walk-in closet I have ever seen. To the other side of the bathroom is a balcony. It overlooks the entire neighborhood. On a summer morning, with birds chirping and dew in the air, it is the most peaceful spot in the world. After touring the upstairs it is time for a game of hockey. As you walk down the stairs an overpowering odor of sweat and blood smacks you in the face. The basement is the size of the house, so there is room to move around. There are no breakable objects such as windows. It is the greatest place to practice or just fool around. There are a lot of beautiful houses in my town, but nothing can compare to my neighbors. Whether you’re in the mood to play hockey or watch a movie on a big screen, this house has it all. Each room is as magnificent and luxurious as can be. It is an amazing piece of architecture and will surely be admired for generations to come.

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