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There is a wide range of differences that occur from generation to

generation, and most of them are not an issue between my parents and I. My

parents more often then not take the view that as long as I do good in school

and don’t get in much trouble, I can grow up without their close and constant

supervision. Of course there are a few things that we conflict upon, but

nothing that disturbs or seriously affects anyone.

The door suddenly burst open, and in he rushed. All that I could hear

was the blood pounding in my head, the blaring music seemed to disappear. I

saw the rage in his eyes, but had no time to react. He hit the open button, and

I screamed. “Dad!” I shouted. “You can scratch the CD doing that!” My

parents and I very seldom, if ever, agree on our ideas of good music. My

parents think my music is “just noise,” but as long as they don’t have to hear

it, they tolerate it. On the other hand, they notice some things that have

changed a great deal since there generation.

My parents have no problems with the way I dress, but they are very

surprised at the large change that took place between our generations. Long

hair, mopcuts, bellbottoms and more are the appearance my parents

remember. I think, as a change for the better, my generation mostly keeps

their hair neat and trim. We habitually wear loose-fitting, comfortable

clothes, and many also wear a hat. These vast changes astonish my parents,

but they do not see them as a step towards a more or less civilized society.

However, they do notice some changes that may be for the worse.

My parents, and probably a lot of their generation were continuously

looking for money, and saved and spent money very carefully. Nowadays,

kids and teens often have plenty of money, and spend seem to spend it

quickly and uselessly. To our elders it must appear that we blow our money

on almost anything, and a lot of the time, they are right.

I think there has been quite a large change between these two

generations, concerning morals and virtues, which goes beyond anything

discussed in this essay. Nevertheless, if the people of the two generations

work together, and ignore or put aside these smaller differences for the good

of the future, the world will be a better place.

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