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Have you ever moved from your home that you had lived in your entry life? Well, I had to. My home and neighborhood was where I lived for ten years. We moved there when I was three and then moved right after I turned fourteen. All my friends lived right around me and I knew everyone. When I moved everything changed.

I remember my neighborhood like the back of my hand. At the entrance there is a house that is shaped like a Pizza Hut. This house we always would call the “Pizza Hut House.” Then down the hill I can see the Speck’s house. In their front yard is a big hill where we use to sled down. Then on the way to my house I can see Sarah’s house and in her driveway is where her dad’s truck is always parked.

On the corner of my street is a house with three garages, those people never really were around. Across the street from the house with three garages is a house with an old flag poll and American flag. The flag has been there for as long as I can remember and it was so old it was faded and ripped. The small street off of mine is a dead end where my friend Jessica lived. I remember in their front yard there was a lamppost that I would lean my bike on when I came over. Just down that street a little farther is the end of the street where Brennan lived. His mom had a flower box all the way around the bottom of their mailbox.

Then I come to the underground house. This is where one of my old friends lived. Her dad built a swing set that is still there, but the swings do not move anymore. Right across the street from my house is where the Hall boys live. Their yard is where we use to play sports. We would get all the neighbor kids together and all go to their yard and play football, baseball, and soccer. Also they had a basketball hoop in front of their house where we played basketball, though I wasn’t very good they let me play anyway.

Now to my house, where everyone would hang out, right across the street from the Hall’s. We had a fire pit on the side of our house, where we had bonfires. I can still smell the burning of leaves. Into my garage and on in to my house I can feel the heat hit me like a ton of bricks. Into the living room is where everyone watches TV. Then walking into the kitchen I open the refrigerator and grab an apple. Then into the family room/dining room, where the computer also is, my stepsister is sitting there at the computer like always. Walking through the front entry way and up the stairs I can see my brother’s room and Karla’s room. Going past their rooms I go into my room and sit on my bed and take a big bite of the apple. The taste of the apple reminds me of the apple orchard.

As I sit eating my apple I remember all the great thing that happened in this house and this neighborhood. I know I will miss all of it. I just can’t believe we are moving in one week, I can’t think of how it will be to not live hear any more. At the new house I don’t know anyone and I don’t know my way around. I really do not want to move, but we have to. Moving changed a lot of my friendships even though we all promised to keep in touch. I will always miss the times I spent there and the people I spent it with.

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