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The Difference

I have known Shannon Carey since the first grade. Our parents know eachother

and sometimes even go out together. This includes such things as going to dinner or out

to a movie. They agree on many of the same topics, However, on some subjects,

Shannon’s parents control her more than my parents control me. Shannon has regular

chores around her house and her parents often give her advice on certain subjects. My

parents, on the other hand, let me take care of myself for the most part. Although our

parents are somewhat friends, they have different views on their children and the

responsibilities they should have.

Shannon has weekly chores that she has to take care of around her house. These

chores among other things include cleaning her room, her bathroom, and doing the dishes.

If these chores are not completed there are consequences such as losing priveleges like the

phone. She also has other responsibilites such as Pom-Pon. Shannon is required to be at

school everyday at 6:30 a.m. to practice. Not only does she go to practice, but she also

brings the stereo so that the rest of the Pom-Pon squad can practice with music. This is a

huge responsibility because she either has to be at practive every single day or make

arrangements and find someone else to bring the stereo. If she does not do this she lets

the whole team down and they cannot practice.

When it comes to chores and responsibilities I get off pretty easy. My family has a

cleaning lady come to the house four times a week to do most of the work around the

house. A few of her jobs include doing the dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping the

floors and dusting. If for some reason the cleaning lady is not able to come to our house,

my parents will ask me or one of my two sisters to help out with the chores for the day.

We often agree and help out if we are not busy. The only things that my parents are really

concerned with is school and work. As long as I am doing well in school and have a

part-time job they are happy. I am basically allowed to do whatever I want as long as I am

not getting in any trouble and my activities do not interfere with my schoolwork or job.

Advice is often given to Shannon by her parents. Topics include friends, work and

relationships. She does not ask for this advice but often recieves it. This does not make

her angry, but as she said it can be quite annoying. I remember when we were younger

Shannon used to date a boy named Marque. Her parents did not approve of him and often

told Shannon that they should not be a couple. Shannon was upset by this but did not take

their advice. When they eventually broke up Shannon’s parents were happy, but Shannon

was hurt. Because of the conflicting interest in the boy there was tension between the

family and she could not go to her parents for support when she needed it most. This is

the kind of advice that Shannon often recieves. Not all of the advice she is given is on

such touchy subjects as relationships, but on any subject her parents try to stress their

views and opinions.

Unless I ask for it, advice is rarely given to me by my parents. They feel, as well as

I, that if I want or need advice I will come to them for it. This allows me to make my own

decisions and learn for myself. If I really need something, I will go to my parents for it,

and they are glad to help me. Ocassionally my parents will give me their input on a subject

or tell me what they would do, but hardly ever is it in the form of advice. They like to see

me learn from my own mistakes and figure out ways to solve my own problems with little


Advice is somewhat of a touchy subject. Some people cannot handle recieving

advice and become angry when people try to tell them how to do something, or what they

should do. I think Shannon’s parents should let her make her own decisions and only

offer advice when she asks for it. Also, I like the way my parents handle the advice

subject. I like learning on my own and figuring things out. I learn more this way instead

of just being told what to do and how to do it.

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