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Michelle Brandon

My Past:

I was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1983 then in 1985 I moved to Germany. I stayed in Germany for 3 years then I moved to calgary for 2 years. Cakgary is a nice place to live it s a big city compared to Germany. Germany is a beautiful place to go, I would like to go back to Germany for a visit. I go back to Calgary for a visit in the summer time to see my family and friends it s fun. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters, Ryan, Lisa, Tresa, and Megan. Megan died onm september 2 1999 by a drive by shoting. And I have a mom named Debbie.


My Present:

I live down in Queensborough with my friend and her parents. While my mom and my brother lives down the street from me. The things I like to do is play Basketball, Baseball. And I also injoy music and bikeriding. I work for the Red Cross and I volenteer my time at the Royal Columbian Hospital. I m also in the group Counter Attack which is students against impaired driving.


MY Future:

After graduating from high school i will go to university and recieve my Phd for a pediatristion, because I love working with kids. I would probaly go to U.B.C or university of Calgary to get my Phd. I would like to keep on working for the Red Cross . Volenteer at the Police station. To be a mother of twins or just a mother.

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