Finding Our Past


Finding Our Past Essay, Research Paper

Reading Ruth

In Finding Our Past, Rebecca Alpert suggests that Ruth married Boaz for financial stability in her lesbian relationship. This is an indication of society back when the book of Ruth was written, since women were dependent on men for financial support. In today?s society, lesbian couples are still not entirely accepted, but two women in a relationship would be able to support themselves financially. However, this interpretation of the story is difficult to grasp, since Ruth and Naomi had both been married to men before, and it is not likely that a story would exist from back then in which there would be a lesbian couple, given that the issue was so taboo back then. Though it is an interesting take on the story, there is reference to Ruth?s feelings for Boaz in the Book of Ruth, and therefore I feel that the relationship between Ruth and Naomi was simply one of friendship and loyalty.

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