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Growing up with my brother wasn t the easiest thing in the world. We never got along and my parents always had to brake up fights between the two of us. Everything was a competition and I always fell short of victory. I was different then my brother and that s the way I wanted to stay. I socialized with a different crowd and I thought I knew it all. He would try to talk to me and I would just role my eyes and walk away. But as time past and he moved out of the house to study in the United States I began to realize how much I missed him. We were both getting older and life seemed too short to waste. He was doing really well and I wanted to do the same in the future. We began to talk and laugh together. He had so much to say and he was full of good advice. He began to treat me like a friend. When I was down he would try to get me up. When I was frustrated he told me to hit him and nobody else, When I was hurt inside he would sit there and just listen even if I didn t make any sense. His time at home was precious to me and I took full advantage of him being home. When he left I was losing not only a brother but a friend !

Five years have pasted since my brother first left home. I m away at school and having a good time doing it. My brother goes to school just a ways down the road. We have grown very close over the years. What I have here today , at school, playing hockey and studying to make the honor role, I owe partially to my brother. He kicked me when I was almost going to let go and encouraged me with his stories of his experience away from home. He has truly made the greatest impact on my life and has helped me through those rough times. Although it may have seemed I didn t like my brother in the past, you know as well as I do I always wanted to be just like him. Christopher Mikula is not only my brother but is my best friend forever !

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