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In this paper of a mother, the story will be told of a young woman who has a two-month-old son. As she tries to continue with her education, take care of her son and play college basketball. She always dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player with a big car, nice crib and many friends. She never wanted to have children because of the big responsibility that comes with being a mother. She grew up in a single parent household, her father was not around and when he died she felt a part of her was missing. When she found out that she was pregnant with her son, she did not know what to do so she shut everyone out. She never wanted people to look at her, talk to her, or ask her about the baby. She was depressed for several months. As she looked at her son and realized that he was a gift from God she felt better. As she takes care of her son the task gets harder everyday. The fact is being a mother is a hard job. She wrote a poem to her son that can explain her feelings and how much she cares for her son. This is how the poem goes:

Brokenhearted by thus surprise

On July 14th, the day you arrived

Getting ready to go to school in August

So much to be done before I leave

To make sure you?re taken care of

While I?m away at school

Years will past by without me seeing your every waking moment.

It?s going to be hard to miss maybe your first words,

First steps, first everything.

My biggest worry is that you won?t know who I am on my visit home,

I hope that you will always remember that I love you so very much

And I will give you the world.

I was broken hearted but now I?m ok.

Because of the joy God has given is more than I ever needed.

So don?t you worry about me I?m going to be ok.

It?s just that I have to cry sometimes to keep from going crazy.

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