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1st. Because she was woman. 2d. Because she was an inspired woman. 3d. Because she enlarged the scope of religious experience. 4th. Because she unfolded a principle, an idea which no man, not even Jesus, had announced, or, perhaps, surmised. (Mother Ann Lee The Messiah p.63)

Ann Lee, born in 1736, left no written documents that attest to her beliefs. Ann was born to poverty in Manchester, England. As a young adult, she worked many years as an assistant in the clothing industry with no education. At the young age of twenty-two, Ann became under the influence of a couple who formed the team of Shaking Quakers , named Jane and James Wadley. Ann Lee taught that God is both a mother and a father; thus the work of redemption must be filled by two Messiahs-the male Jesus and the female Ann Lee. Feminist radicals see Ann Lee as the Mother half of God. Ann Lee stood in an ancient theological tradition of charismatic women who, in their marriage to Christ, expressed their womanhood in a revolutionary manner.

Ann Lee remains as an idealistic woman in our society because she paved the way for women in the religious movement of the eighteenth century. She established herself with the forming of the Shakers. A group she founded in the eighteenth century. The Shakers were very aware that their founder s contribution to Christianity exceeded that of the times when Luther and Calvin spread the religious word.

Ann Lee issued the revelation that she had a strong vision of what had happened in the Garden of Eden with the first man and woman, which explains the reason why all mankind was separated from God. Sexual intercourse had been the first and remained the original sin and the primary source of all the problems in the world such as war, slavery, disease, poverty, and the inequality of men and woman. Ann Lee argued that instead of a carnal marriage, one should have a marriage with Christ and that she did. I feel him present with me, as sensibly as I feel my hands together! I have been walking in fine vallies with Christ, as with a lover. I am married to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my head and my husband, and I have no other! I have walked hand in hand with him in heaven.

The Shakers performed many novelties such as making brooms, inventing the washing machine, and packaging garden seeds. However, their main goal involves expanding the Christian theology to perceive the dimension of femaleness with God. Many people wonder or believe that the opposite sexes among the Shakers never commune together. Although the Shakers live absolutely pure virgin lives, no people enjoy such a large range of freedom, between the sexes; however the temptations of affectionate behaviors must ignored. The belief is that the power to live in virgin innocence, is the order of the kingdom of Christ, and is higher, better, happier than a sensual, worldly life.

If a representative of radical feminist thought considered the work of Mother Ann Lee and the Shakers, they would have a mainly positive outlook with a few critical comments as well. With regard to the positive thoughts, it is safe to say that the feminist would agree or accept the fact that God is both a mother and a father. They might even argue that God is strictly female. Feminist believes that women can survive on their own without the help of man for guidance. They would absolutely agree that women contribute more to society than men. Women are creatures that bear children and extend life for further existence. An advocate for radical feminist thought would agree that Christ made his Second Coming as woman, Ann Lee, the religious leader, because she was well respected by her peers and her studies were well presented. They would also believe and preach that Ann Lee walked through heaven with Christ. Had feminist advocates considered her work, they would marvel at her ideas and the courage she displayed as being the only woman with such a strong presence on religious experiences in her time. A feminist would argue that the other inspired males such as Paul, Abraham, Jesus, and Isaac, were always defined by principles, but never to uplift or enlighten the soul of a woman, and their equality. They had a one-sided God of almighty force and of inconstant temper. All of them see their God as male and only male.

If a representative of radical feminist thought had to say something critical about the life of Ann Lee, they would say that her principle belief that God is dual-Male and Female is false. They would argue that God is just Woman. That is the unique perception that Ann Lee offers. God is both male and female.

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