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When you think about your future keep one thing in mind, knowledge is the key. You should always try and keep up with the advances made, and recently our nation is steadily changing. Each day we become more and more dependent on technology to run our lives. If possible you should try and keep up, whether it be by reading books, taking classes, or getting help from a friend. You should always strive to learn as much a possible.

Computers are the wave of the future. They are increasingly becoming a necessary part of our life. Unfortunately there are individuals who are afraid to jump in to the computer age. They worry that it might be too hard to learn this new skill. If they would follow a few simple steps it would make the journey easier. First, get to know your computer, then explore it a little further, and finally take that big step on to the web.

Getting started with computers is a simple task. You should remember one thing, always get to know your computer first. We could look at it through the eyes of a small child. The first thing he does when he starts to crawl is to explore his surroundings. That is what we have to do with the computer. Turn it on, look around, and then simply explore our new playground. Get familiar with the easy parts of the programming. Find out where everything is and remember where you have found it. The next step would be taking what we have learned and applying it further. By going in to the individual programs, learning what they do, and seeing how each one works. Just like the small child who learned to crawl, one day he has to walk. Walking will let him take it a step further. Now he can venture out further and learn more. Once you learn the programs, you need to see how each one applies to your life and how they would best suit your needs. Just like walking makes it easier for the child to get around and learn, your new computer skills will make life easier for you.

The last step would be learning to get around on the web. Society is turning to the web for everything. You can pay your bills, buy stocks, shop for a new car, and millions of other things. The web has a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of these days. Unfortunately, people are extremely intimidated by the web. They believe there are too many disadvantages and scams on the web. It is an overwhelming part of the computer experience. Although, we could look at it like the first time you ventured in to the woods. As you entered into the woods you remembered all the animals and poisonous plants that you where told to avoid. It is the same on the web if you hear something that is wrong with a particular site simply stay away from it. Just like in the woods, if it looks bad, it probably is.

As you can see, buying a computer is not an overwhelming task, but more of an opportunity. Keep a few things in mind, start slow and get to know your computer. Then take it a little further and learn the programs. Finally, step in to the web experience. Remember that you have to crawl before you can walk.

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