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Student: Nadir Minbashiyev

February 29, 2000

What is individual from an individualistic point

of view

Individual in my point of view is an ?I? which is determined differently by separate people. First of all I have to say that ?I? other words ?self? is the first thing that is understood by any individual since its birthtime and is like a nucleus for humans? further understandings of world.

Usually ?I? determines the main motives of human thought and behaviour which are individual man’s striving for power, for satisfaction of feelings, and fulfillment of expectations. So ?I? is the individuals self and this self for a normal person is formed under the great influence of the society that surrounds it, usually the family of the individual. Every individual, in his/her view, is unique, and his/her personality structure–including his/her unique goal and ways of striving for it–finds expression in his style of life, this life-style being the product of his own creativity. So individual creates its own live under the influence of the society and the individual can not be considered apart from society; all important problems, including problems of general human relations, occupation, and love, are social. The normal person with a well-developed social interest strives for the useful side of life. By this I mean striving for welfare ,desire to avoiding of inferiority and so on. But also as an individual is a social being that as an individual can exist only in human society, where a special social hierarchy exists. This social hierarchy puts people on the levels that they have merited. Belonging to this or another hierarchical level usually determines and means a lot for individuals. Individuals are not put on the levels of society just randomly. How I have told before individuals merit (or achieve, or deserve) their posts or locations on the ladders of social hierarchy. And also I have mentioned before that one of the things that individual strives is a power?power over other individuals which is a form of self determination and display. The degree that determines individuals influence and ability to experience power is very interdependently connected with his social location. That is why one of the every persons goals probably is achievement of the possible highest post in this kind of a hierarchy. Posts of this hierarchy are heavily based on social opinion. Other words social opinion puts a person( or his character) on this or another level. So in order to achieve an ability to influence others you have to control social opinion which is called (as far as I remember from the course of sociology)?impression management ? care of what will people think about you and how it gonna influence your reputation. An example that shows how this happens can be taken from two stories that we have read from the course of World Literature. These two stories are ?The Hajii? and ?Pouliuli?. In ?The Hajii? Hajii- the main character of the story who is the one of the most respected persons of his society, never forgives his brother that ?betrays? him and their race. Mostly, Hajii doesn?t forgive his brother because he is very anxious about what members of his society will think about him and how it will influence his reputation if he forgives his dying brother. In another story which is ?Pouliuli? the similar kind of anxiety is mentioned about. It can be noticed at the beginning when Faleasa-the most respected member of his society, does inappropriate things for a person of such a social standing like him and makes his family to be afraid of loosing their families reputation which was earned by Faleasa himself by very appropriate actions and lifestyle. It is also very clearly seen how Faleasa imitates a mad man in order to break his reputation of a high standing person which was earned during most part of his seventy six old years old live and to cancel the responsibilities that it requires. So, here we also see that a high social status requires responsibilities and even sacrifices.

Above I described and explained what is the individual from my point of view. And this point of view also can be applied on explanation of mySELF. I mean those descriptions of individual are based on my understanding and evaluating of an individual. In short this is a result of the research and explanation of myself. It means I appreciate myself and other individuals on the basis of the explained which is not necessarily right from the point of view of other people.

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