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There are so many things that kids dream of after they graduate from high school. For me it was to go to college. I thought that college was going to exactly like high school. Except I wouldn’t have to go home to my parents every night. My expectations of college were to party, have easy classes and to hang out with my friends. But when reality set in there is no time to party accept on the weekends, there is no such thing as an easy class and hanging out with my friends is built around all of my school work.

My expectations of college were so high I couldn’t wait to get there. I was hoping that there would be a lot of time to party while I was at college. I thought since there was no one to go home to that I could do what I wanted. The thought of doing what ever I wanted to when ever I wanted to was great. I also thought that all of my classes would be easy. Since when you go to college you get to pick all your classes I couldn’t go wrong. I thought that I could take what ever I wanted and I could make an easy schedule with lots of time to spare. And with lots of time to spare I could hang out with all of my friends whenever I wanted.

But when reality set in all of my expectations went down the drain. I found out that there is no time to party with all of the schoolwork that you have. The classes that I have now take all of my time. If I don’t spend a little time on my school work every night I will fall so far behind that I want be able to catch up. As far as having easy classes in college, there is none. The classes that you get in college are nothing like you experience in high school. You constantly have something to due in your classes whether its notes, essays or to just study for a test or quiz. This semester there is not a week that goes by that I don’t have an essay or report due for one of my teachers. The thought of hanging out with my friends all of the time is impossible. It never accord to me that they may have classes when I don’t. And when you add in all of the time you spend in class and doing your home work there really isn’t that much time to spend running around with all of your friends. So the thought of college being easy is not the same when reality sets in.

So if I could give advise to a student coming out of high school and entering college it would have to be prepared. Make sure that your ready because if your not you will get blown away. As far as me adjusting to college I took it pretty hard. I didn’t expect to have so much work because I never experienced in high school. But now that I’m in my second semester I think that I can handle all of the work with the right time management. And if I can mange my time that leaves time to party and to hang out with my friend.

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