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Scarlet LetterThe Scarlet Letter is a book that I enjoyed. It taught me to fight for and accomplish what I believe in. The book is very relevant to today’s society. People tend not to do things that they want to do because of what people might say or do. This book teaches teenage parents to follow their own heart and feelings, just like Hester and Pimmisdale. Eventhough things might not have turned out for the best, there is always something to learn about the actions anyone takes. For example, when Hester was in her cottage, she had to make money to support herself. She had to go back to that society in which she was mistreated. But she walked down the streets with pride, even though people disrespected her. She still though continues on her way. She ignores the people that did not care for her, because her main concern was herself and her child. I truly consider Hester as one of my heroes. She fought for what she believed in. I, in the other hand, would have perished from that horrible New World, but not Hester the “Able.” Another example which proved that she followed her feelings and heart was when she stayed silent and would not say who her lover was. She did not want the Reverend dead because then her happiness would be dead. She stood in the scaffold with her child and the letter “A” for adultry on her bosom. She stayed strong and by following her heart, she was able to survive. It makes me a stronger woman already by reading this book. I think that Hester should be recognized as a true hero.

The Scarlet Letter, is very relevant to today’s teenage parents. It makes the impossible seem possible. This book could encourage many people in many ways. One would be to follow your heart, just like Hester Prynne. Prynne fought for her happiness and honesty. She was recognized as a strong woman. Every person should read this book. And when they do they will learn the meaning of strength and pride.

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