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When television first emerged, sitcoms like Leave It To Beaver portrayed loving children who would have never dreamed of disobeying someone with authority. But as we flip through the channels today, we see pictures of children screaming at their parents, students hitting teachers, and juveniles running from the law. Despite the fact that these scenarios are seen on television, this kind of behavior is a reality in today s society. Perhaps this because young people have a lack of respect for authority figures.

It seems as if more and more talk shows, such as The Maury Povich Show, are having topics such as My Out of Control Teen and Send My Daughter/Son to Boot Camp. Children as young as nine years old run out on stage screaming obscenities to the audience as well as to their parents. They think that the disrespect they are displaying towards their parents is cool. In all actuality these obnoxious displays of disrespect are not cool, and if things do not change now, consequences for their disrespectful behavior could follow in the future. Disrespecting parents can eventually lead to problems in classroom settings.

In the classroom students are starting to lose all respect for teachers. We repeatedly hear about children hitting, cursing at, and not paying attention to their teachers. Since parents have no control over their children, teachers usually have little control over them as well. This often forces teachers to put serious accounts of disrespect into the hands of law enforcement.

Because parents and teachers can not control juveniles, the police and other law enforcement are expected to try and handle the problem. But the police can not always solve the problem. Children are constantly disrespecting law enforcement as well. New reports regularly report stories of juveniles disobeying police orders and going as far as fighting with and hitting police. Law enforcement can not be expected to control a problem if the children do not respect them. Now the question has to be asked, if parents, teachers, and law enforcement can not stop young children from constantly disrespecting authority figures, then who can?

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