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At a huge party in Long Beach Island, locals show up at the party. The house is small, but it has a front lawn that is a nice size to throw a party. The house and lawn is surrounded by a fence that is sharp at the top to prevent anyone from climbing over it easily. The house is between several other houses that are owned by families. The party is being thrown by kids that only go there for the summers. There is high tension between the locals and the summer kids. Therefore, when the locals showed up, the summer kids immediately threw them out. They were all talking about the incident and laughing. However, it was not over with. The locals came back with more numbers to start a fight.

Act I

Scene 1

The scene begins with three car loads of local kids pulling up to the house. Jason Gorski, Jeff Storms, Eddie Frost, Rich Mickens, Rob Philops, and Jake Collins are the tough guys that are at the party. The rest of the party is compiled of sailors and girls. The six see them getting out of there cars and start walking fast over to greet them.

Jeff: (As he walks counts how many there are. He finds there are well over twelve of them and only six of them, so he makes a strategy of taking as many as he can out quickly. )

Rob: (He clenches his fists as he walks, getting pumped up.)

Jake: He waits behind the rest because he is not too sure what is to come.

Jason: (He is behind the rest with Jake, but doesn?t want to miss any action, so he speeds up to the front.)

Jeff: (He goes directly up to one of the locals and head buts him.)

The kids nose busts open and blood is poring everywhere. Jeff must have broken the kids nose.

Jeff: (After he head buts the one kid, he takes another kid down to the ground with a head in the chest double leg. He repeatedly punched the kid in the face.)

The kid was bleeding harshly from his face.

Jason: (He walks up to one of the guys and just starts hitting him in the face. He, then, picks the kid up by his head and drops him on the ground. He then proceeds to kick this guy while he was down.)

As Rich walked up to one of the kids, he tried to talk to the kid. However, the kid did not want any talk, and pulled out martial art skills. Rich was relieving spin kicks to the head. After checking out the scene and not getting involved right away, saw Rich getting a beating.

Rich: (He runs behind the martial artist and delivers a sucker punch to the back of the kids head, stunning the kid for a few seconds.)

Rob who was on the ground elbowing one of the kids in the jaw, got up and

helped Jake out with the martial artist. The two of them had some trouble to start with, but eventually the kid could not handle to of them and fell to the ground. Jeff who was punching one of the kids on the ground was attacked from behind.

Jeff: (He grabbed the kid who was on his back and threw him over his shoulder. The two got up off the ground and fought. It was quick and easy, Jeff dropped him fast. Jeff and the others heard sirens from the distance. )

Eddie: (He turned and looked at Jeff and then at Jason and started running to behind the house.)

Jeff: (He took off behind the house)

Everyone at the party started running in every direction. It was chaos. The guys ran behind the house and started climbing the fence.

Jake: (As Jake jumped the fence, he got stuck on the fence and ripped up his shirt and his stomach. He finally made it over.)

Rich: (He tripped over his own feet and slowed him down. A fat cop grabbed him and Rich tripped him. When the cop was falling, Rich got out of his grasp and jumped the fence.)

Rob: (As he attempted to run from the fight to escape the police, a local kid tripped him and then held his leg. Rob could not get away, at least fast enough because a cop grabbed him and through him against the car. The officer began reading Rob his rights.)

Jason: (He saw that Rob was getting arrested and did not have cuffs on, so he ran up behind the cop and grabbed the officer?s night stick and ran with it.)

The officer ran after Jason. Meanwhile, cops are all over the kids property arresting everyone they can catch. Kids are running around in chaos trying to escape the police.

Rob: (Since the cop ran after Jason. He took off toward the fence and after ripping his pants, he got over the fence .)

Jason: (He was running around with the officer?s night stick. He was being successful until a officer side swiped him and laid him out on the grass. The cop picked him up and threw him against the house and read him his rights, then placed cuffs on him and forced him into a cop car.)

The rest of the guys are safe away from the party, but were able to see their friend being arrested. Eventually, the cops drove off with many kids in the back seats.

scene 2

Jeff Storms, Eddie Frost, Rich Mickens, Rob Philops, and Jake Collins are all in a car driving to the police station. Rebecca is in driving. They pull up to the station and stop.

Rebecca: (She gets out of the car and walks into the station, shows down the bail money for Jason.)

The officer at the desk picked up the money and gave her a recipet and picked up his keys. He opened the doors to Jason?s cell and brought him to Rebecca. The two walk out and get into the car and take off.

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