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The Main Characters:

Maxim DeWinter- The owner of Manderley, a famous home known all over the world,

his true pride and joy. A widower of his late wife Rebecca. He is a well-known man,

with lots of pride, dignity and intelligence.

Rebecca- Also known as the antagonist throughout the story. She caused all the

problems for just about everyone. Her personality was so strong willed that everyone

fell in love with her. To all of the people she was known as a perfect woman, that is

until the real truth comes out…

The Second Wife Mrs. Maxim DeWinter- She would be considered as the protagonist.

She is very young, quiet and shy, but yet very strong hearted and generous. She was

the optimist in Maxim?s life when things were bad. The second wife of any man has a

shadow on their back knowing that they must live up to their first wife. But she finds

these very difficult because of Rebecca?s background. Another disadvantage is that

Rebecca and her are total opposites which makes it an even more difficult struggle.

Frank- Mr. DeWinter?s agent and trustworthy friend. He is a very normal easy going

guy. Someone the second Mrs. DeWinter can relate too.

Mrs. Danverse- The main maid of Manderley. She was also the best friend to Rebecca.

She has very difficult personality traits to be able to befriend. She is stubborn and

overbearing. She insists on everything being her way. Ever since the death of Rebecca,

she really has been unable to find happiness again, because she takes some blame for

Rebecca?s death. Mrs. Danverse doesn?t approve of the new wife either.

Rebecca takes place on an English countryside in the famous home known as,

Manderley. The story is told through the thoughts and notions of the second wife of

Maxim DeWinter. The plot begins with the remarriage of Maxim, about almost a year

after the drowning of his first wife Rebecca. He met his second wife in London, she

was there posing as a caretaker for an old woman by the name of, Mrs. Van Hopper.

She fell in love instantly, but by the disappointing news from Mrs. Van Hopper she

believed she would have to leave in only one day. After relaying this tragic news

Maxim pops the question, and of course she says yes. So by the next week the two of

them set out for Manderley. Her journey to Manderley became a huge enigma for her.

She did not know about any of Maxim?s past nor Rebecca?s his late wife. There were so

many questions she had to leave unanswered. She had many doubts about this big step

she had taken in her life, but little did she know how deep this step would truly take


Her arrival at Manderley wasn?t exactly as she dreamed, but it was still

beautiful. Her first hour at Manderley consisted of meeting maids, cooks, Frank

Crawley (Maxim?s agent), Beatrice (Maxim?s sister) and her husband. But she really

couldn?t relate or carry on conversations with any of these new people except for Frank.

He made her feel so comfortable. After the short introduction she decide to tour her

new room. Mrs. Danverse assisted her to this room and pointed out that the room was

newly redecorated, because Maxim didn?t want her in the west wing where Rebecca

stayed. Of course this remark left poor Mrs. DeWinter feeling uncomftorble, but she

just brushed it off and moved on.

As she sat in her new room she pondered on the idea of how fast of a change

everything became to her, she would have to learn a new way of living, and how to

enjoy her times at Manderley without any chores. Hopefully she could overcome these

worries and grow to love Manderley.

Not too soon after a week or so Mrs. DeWinter began to receive many requests

for another ritual costume ball. So of course she decides to fulfill the requests. So for

weeks they carefully planned the ball. The only thing left now was for her to find a

costume. She told Frank and Mr. DeWinter that it would definitely be a great surprise.

But she never knew how difficult it truly was for her to decide on a costume so she

asked for Mrs. Danverse?s advice. Mrs. Danverse told her to look at the picture in the

library of the woman in a whit dress, and this became Mrs. DeWinter?s decision. After

it was professionally mad in London Mrs. DeWinter received the dress in the mail. Of

course it fit perfect she just absolutely loved it.

Finally the night of the ball came and Mrs. DeWinter decided to show her gown

just before the guests arrived, but it definitely wasn?t what she would have expected

from everyone. As she walked down the stairs Maxim screamed and told her to take

that dress of instantly. Shocked, Mrs. DeWinter ran to her room in tears. Beatrice

followed explaining that the dress she wore, Rebecca wore the night before she had

died. After that awful night everything had seemed to go down hill.

But the next day at Manderley was more confusing then ever, when a broken

down boat arrives on the shores of Manderley. Of course Maxim insists on them all

staying within Manderley and feeds them as well. But while the Captain was here they

ended up spotting a sunken boat not too far from where they had broken down. So,

obviously they know they must remove the boat to see who?s it is. Little did Maxim

know what real problems it brought. The boat also contained Rebecca?s body. As soon

as this evidence is found Maxim decides to let Mrs. DeWinter in on his true life. He

begins by explaining the fake Marriage he had with Rebecca and that it wasn?t for love

but for only money. The truth was he despised Rebecca because of how cruel she really

was. After listening to Maxim?s story Mrs. DeWinter is relieved that he never loved

Rebecca but scared of what is to come with the new finding of the boat. She decide to

stick behind Maxim because of her great love for him.

The next day Maxim had to go to the inquest in front of a judge. He came out of

the inquest with the ruling of suicide. That was his savior…for now that is. Not top

long after he arrived back at Manderley they had an unexpected visitor, Jack Favelle,

Rebecca?s cousin. He begins to rant and rave about him knowing Maxim murdered

Rebecca, because she would never take her life. But Favelle needed more evidence, so

they decide to look into Rebecca?s diary to see what her schedule for that day was.

Everything seemed to be normal except for the words ?2:00 Baker M 0488?. No one

knew what it was at all. Frank called many places in search of what it could possibly

be. He discovered it was the name of a retired doctor in London. So the very next day

Favelle, Frank, Maxim, his wife, and Colonel Julyan, who would witness the trip to this


As soon as they arrived at Bakers they began the questioning right away. Doctor

baker checked his appointment book for that day but could not find anything list under

DeWinter, only a Mrs. Danverse at 2. Of course she must have used a false name. But

anyway as they discuss the results of her visit the doctor begins to explain the

diagnosis, was cancer. This diagnosis was Maxim?s evidence for suicide. So, after

thanking the doctor they rushed home, because Maxim felt something was not right.

As they came over the hills into Manderley they saw the flames that were stealing

Maxim?s pride and joy and Mrs. DeWinter?s dreams that she waited for her whole life

to see. It was all up in an orange flame. Manderley was no more.

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