The Incident


The Incident Essay, Research Paper

Sachi Herrera

English 1311-10

Dr. Quazi

October 16, 2000

The Incident

Wow! I have had one of those incredibly weird days. I was coming back from my Prayer and Spirituality class and feeling mediocre as I usually do. I wasn?t expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen to me but something did. As I walked into my dorm room my roommate called me from her room and said that Jorge called while I was in class. At first, I asked her to repeat what she said. I could not believe what I heard. I was right. She did say Jorge called me, and that?s when I felt my heart jump. I didn?t know what to feel. After not hearing from him in almost a month, I couldn?t possible imagine what he was going to say to me. The suspense was killing me. I had to call him back. Since he lives in Kerrville, I had to call him long-distance.

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