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We alone can not go down and get close enough to explore the Titanic. We now have the technology to build robotic machines to explore the ocean floor like Jason or Jason Jr. They are smaller than a submarine, actually a lot smaller, almost like a remote control car. The Titanic sank in the north Atlantic in 1912. Jason Jr. is very handy, it can reach as deep as 4000 meters. The reason they do not have Jason Jr. any more is because it got lost in 1991 off the Galapagos Island and was found 9000 feet down in the water, so it was replaced by Jason. They use remote controls like Jason and Jason Jr. because divers can not get in as close as Jason can. There also is a risk of a diver getting caught on something or getting stuck in the Titanic. Someone could die if something went wrong so if they use underwater vehicles like Jason they are not taking a risk of someone dying, but they cost about one million dollars which requires they still be careful.

Jason is a somewhat small vehicle with about four fans. Jason has two special headlights that could withstand underwater pressure to about 4000 meters and a video camera and also a small 35mm still camera. Jason Jr. gave the world the very first look at the Titanic so that we can see what they are looking at and where the are going. It has a 91-meter cord attached to it from Alvin.

Alvin is a little submarine that fits one person and he is the controller of Jason. Titanic disaster was said to be one of the worst maritime disasters in history. The British luxury liner Titanic on its voyage from Liverpool to New York City struck an iceberg about 95 mi. south of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland just before midnight on April 14, 1912. Of the more than 2220 persons aboard about 1513 died including the American millionaires John Jacob Astor Benjamin Guggenheim, 1865-1912, and Isidor Straus. The ship was said to have been unsinkable because of its 16 watertight compartments but the iceberg punctured five of them, one more than had been considered possible in any accident. The Titanic sank in less than three hours which seems like a long time, but not for a huge ship like that. Scientist found that the ship had been moving too fast in unsafe waters and that lifeboat space had been provided for only about three-fourths of the passengers and crew.

I really found this topic interesting about how a huge ship like that could sink and how they were able to go down and investigate the Titanic after so long. I think Jason and Jason Jr. were very smart ideas so they could see what really happened and investigate the ocean floor.

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