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The Oceans The ocean is our most vast resource, wicth is the reason it is being abused. In the past 20 years the ecnomical chocies made, and the convience of the ocean has caused the sposed, highest speices on the planet to end up in genocide. This cant be what is disered people or any other “intelgent” being. All forms of waste, from us people end up in the waters of out earth. In some way we have rationalized it as we did it? Only now at the truning if the melinum can we see how areigant we were. Think everything from the smallest sea shell to the massive Blue Wale will be lost. Toxic chemicals like acids, motor oils, and any other thing that you can name in with you while you swim at the beach. Man has a teribble habbit of destorying things. The abuse of the rain forest is only one example, slash and burning only lets the soil that farmers want end up in the near by lakes and streams then the ocean.of corse this creates the farmers need for new land. Man has abused almost every item on this earth and is starting to go for others as well, were just a farmer who doesnt know what he is doing. Visions are what drive men, their want for moreand better. many of the better visions came from men who belived in more that just abuse Albert Einistine, Noaha, ect. and even Howard Heuws who was the first to recyclce scrap sheet metle for his planes. Visions of what they wanted is how these men were driven. Only now the visions that are being made in the mindes of todays men and women is selfcenterd and all about the dollar. This is the reason for the farmer attaude, “never let somthing get in bettwen you and want you want,” is how the thinking is somthimes referd. In all cases the money is what is dezired.

Also lets say you get what you want but now you need to clean up the mess you just made, like dishes. you can roll up your sleevs and get wet, or use the dishwasher and let the left over food bits “dissapear.” It is extremly sad to say this but at one time this was the way toxic waste was thought of, just toss it in the water and ill vanish. Lets be honest, we knew that it wouldnt just vanish but we still hoped it would, yet we continue to dump the stuff and act like we dont care.Arnt we the smart ones. The life blood of our only planet, the ocean on mother earth is dieing and were letting it. A grousom forcast to this was the gulf war, oil is still being washed up on the beaches that were destoryed. If you still want or need prouf of our carlessness look in any gutter or on the road. Our cars spill oil that will end up in the water, not just the ocean it self but all water drinking and swimming. with the contaminated water table many fish are dieing and thoes birds and so on down the web-chain. we made the dirty dishes and its way past time to wash them… after all when visiorters come over do we want them to see out trashy house?

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