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A Dream Come True Ch. 1

by Mel Huge

After my first accidental view of my mother getting ready for bed I longed to have her strip just for me and for things to go that bit further and for me to have sex with her. Over the next few years, I developed and my thoughts were of how I could make my dream come true. I would peek into the bedroom and watch her dress in the mornings. I would watch her undress in the evenings. Her selection of underwear changed in the Winter and the Summer. In the Winter she wore hose and an “all in one”. In the Summer she wore a bra, skimpy panties, suspender belt, stockings and a half slip. I far preferred the Summer.

My dad worked a shift pattern in a residential school. He had to “sleep over” every Monday evening and so I decided that I would make my move on a Monday. Over a few months I developed a rapport with my mother. I did this by giving her hugs from behind, telling her how great a mum she was and by buying her a present now and again. I started with the usual chocolates and moved into items of clothing. Another one of my ploys was to take her out for a meal when my dad was working. After our meal I would sit on the sofa and she would sit on the floor between my legs. I would massage her neck and back whilst watching the television. After a few minutes I would raise her top and massage her back. As I did this I slipped her bra straps off her shoulders to “get better access to her back”. She never complained.

One gift I bought was a “special” bra. It was white, lacy and had shoestring straps. There was also a pair of panties and a half slip that matched. I bought the set. This may seem strange that I would give my mum such a gift but she had seen the set in a shop and had wanted them. She joked that she hoped they fitted as I would not be able to check if they did or not. I didn’t want to tell her that I would no doubt see them when she got ready for bed.

After a few weeks, it was the height of Summer, and it was very warm. I took up my usual position outside the bedroom door and watched as my mum undressed. I watched as she took off her top. My cock got hard. She was wearing the bra set I had bought. Her breasts were cupped in the white lace. Her nipples shining through. She undid her skirt and slipped it over her hips. Her slip hugged her body and you could see the outline of a lace suspender belt. She slid her slip down over her thighs and stepped out of the white silk slip. She then reached behind her to undo her bra. Her breasts swung free. My cock jumped. She raised her leg and undid her stocking. She did the same with the other leg. I expected her to reach for her night-dress as she normally did. Tonight she slipped off her panties and suspender belt and walked to the bed. I was, by now, beating my cock for all it was worth. My mum slid into bed and puled the covers up. My mind raced about what I had seen and what lay beneath the covers. I entered the room and made some excuse that I had to ask her something. Her hands were moving under the covers and my imagination was working overtime, thinking of what she was touching. It was then that I decided that I would make my move the next night.

During the night I got up and went to the drawer where my mum kept her lingerie. I hid her other white bra and slips so she had to wear the ones I had bought. In the morning I peeked in and saw that she was wearing the present I had bought. I decided that tonight was the night. It was make or break.

That night, when my mum came in from work, I had ordered a meal to be delivered. We had the meal and I offered my usual neck rub. My mum accepted as usual. As I raised her blouse at the back I could hardly contain my excitement. I started to rub her back and as usual I slipped the bra straps to one side. My hands rubbed her back and down her sides. Tonight they reached around her front and nudged her breasts. My mum felt this and jokingly said that I was naughty and to get back to the neck rub. This I did. My mum asked if I wanted anything. I said that something to drink would be nice, as I couldn’t say what I really wanted. She turned onto her hip and arose onto her knees. As she got up, she was bent over. I got up and placed my hands on my mums hips. My cock at the level of her butt. I pulled her closer and my cock pressed against her. My mum sighed and told me to behave but I used one hand to hold her forward whilst the other hand went up her skirt. She wriggled a bit and said that I was not behaving. My hand felt her stockinged thigh. It slid up her thigh and I felt the lacy top of her socking. I felt the bare flesh and the suspender. My mum wriggled some more and told me to stop. I told my mum that I loved her and had dreamed of making love with her. She told me to let her go. By now my cock was hard and was really pressing into her butt. I leant over her and placed my hands round her front. They found her breasts and I fondled them. At this my mum suggested that we could “play” but it wasn’t to go “all the way”. I agreed in disbelief. I let my mum stand and as she did so she let her hand trail across my bump. She slowly undid the top few buttons of her blouse and kissed me on the mouth. I let my tongue enter her mouth as my hands slid her skirt up her thighs. I felt her stocking tops and I stroked her mound through her panties. They were moist.

I stepped back and undid the rest of her blouse. I eased off her blouse and gazed at her breasts in her lacy bra. The bra I had bought for her. Her nipples were now erect and sticking out through the flimsy lace coverings. After looking at her breasts for what seemed ages I slid down her body and placed my head on her mound. I gripped her hips and pulled her crotch towards me. Her smell was overpowering and started to really make me want her. I pushed her slip up and gazed at the lace panel on her panties. Her black hair visible through the lace. I leant forwards and kissed her mound. She let out a small sigh and pulled me closer. My face was buried in my mothers mound. I slowly licked her mound through her panties and this made her moan a little. She held the back of my head. She asked if I wanted to go to bed and lie down. She suggested it would be more comfortable. We went through to the bedroom and she lay with her legs apart on the bed, her slip forced up around her waist exposing her silk and lace panties and the lacy suspender belt. I knelt on the bed and reached for her panties. Grasping the waist, I eased them over her legs. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed my jeans. My cock was straining through my underwear. I pulled down my underwear and climbed onto the bed beside her. Her breasts pressed against my chest. I moved myself between her legs and placed the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy. My mum moaned and nodded.

I pushed gently so that the tip of my cock eased into her pussy. She arched her back. She looked at me and told me that this was wrong. For us to have sex was incest and that we should stop. She also told me that she had agreed to “play” but not go all the way. It was a strange feeling. My mum was lying on her back with her legs wide apart. Her slip was rucked up around her hips, her panties were off and her pussy was framed by the lacy suspender belt. My cock was nestled in her pussy and I was about to start pushing into her and yet we were having a discussion about the right and the wrongs of this moment. I told her that I loved her and that I had longed for this. She admitted that she too had thought about having sex with someone else and had even thought about me at times. I leaned forwards and kissed her on the lips.

My mouth moving down to her breasts and onto her nipples. At this she grasped my head and help me close to her breasts. I took this as a sign of encouragement and I pushed into her pussy. The lips of her pussy opened and I slid into her wet and warm cave. The walls were like velvet and her pussy was very moist. I pulled out till I was nearly out of her and then I pushed in hard. My mum gasped as I penetrated her. She asked me to fuck her and told me she wanted me to push hard and deep. I moved my cock in a circular motion trying to reach all the parts of her pussy. My mum was panting in anticipation. She was gasping ” fuck me, fuck your mother, please fuck me , harder”. I held her hips and pulled her close to me. I managed to enter deeper with every stroke. My mums body was now starting to tense and I felt the walls of her pussy tighten. My cock tingled and started to pulse. My mum wrapped her legs around me and held me to her. Suddenly my cock exploded and I emptied my cum into my mum. She moaned and soon she too started to shudder and shake. Her pussy was flowing with sweet juices. We lay together for several minutes and when we had both calmed down I slid down her body to taste her juices.

I spent the night with her and we made love throughout the night. After this initial session we enjoyed each others company every Monday evening and every weekend my dad worked. The present I bought her became “our” underwear and she only ever wore it for me. Little did I know when I embarked on this dream that it would be fulfilled and that I would make love to my mum on numerous occasions, some of which I can relate if anyone is interested.

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