How Did The Special Agencies Of The


How Did The Special Agencies Of The United Nations Help To Provide A Better Quality Of Life Essay, Research Paper

At the outbreak of the Second World War, in 1939 the

League of Nations collapsed.? However

the work of the League was not forgotten and, before the end of the war, the

United Nations was formed.? Like the

League of Nations it had the aim to maintain world peace and improve the

quality of life for the people of its member states.? In the non-political work of the United Nations it aimed to

protect human rights and suffering and to give equal opportunities to all the

people of the work.? It set up work in

areas such as health and education by creating a large number of Special Agencies

as part of the UN.? These included:·

World Health Organisation (WHO) ·

Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) ·

International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank ·

United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural

Organisation (UNESCO) ·

United Nations Children?s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) ·

International Labour Organisation (ILO)These

are the main Agencies of the UN and they had varying degrees of success.? The structure and organisation of the

Agencies, how they operated, examples of their work, as well as the failures

and successes of the organisation must be considered when deciding how the

agencies helped the people of the world.?

An overall opinion on the agencies can then be established to decide if

the organisation improved the quality of people?s lives as a result of the

activities of that organisation.

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