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My two-year-old nieces? favorite phrase is ?Be nice?. Anytime she is crossed, does not get what she wants, scolded or reprimanded, ?Be nice? is her response. It is just a quiet, innocently spoken ?Be nice?; almost like she is trying to remind you how to act.

Two little words can go a long way. Be nice. Why is that so hard for some people to do? It makes every ones day go a lot more smoothly when people show common courtesy. It does not have to be something prolific, things like holding the door open for the person behind you, pushing the elevator buttons for the person in the wheelchair, picking up a quarter that an elderly lady dropped, all the little things eventually add up.

I am employed at Winn Dixie, and work at the Customer Service Desk, meaning I get all the complaints about the store, the cashiers, the carry out service, and last but not least the prices. When a customer comes up to the counter, and asks nicely if they were overcharged for a pound of tomatoes, I am more then happy to help. But when I get the customers who come ranting and raving, knocking papers off the counter, pounding their fists against the register, complaining they were charged twenty cents over for a bag of dog food, I would give them their twenty cents more then happily if they just followed my nieces? golden rule, ?Be nice?.

I believe that some people think if you are nice you will not be given what you want or get your point across. That is not true. When people ask in a polite way for what they want or need, others are so much faster to respond. One of my favorite sayings is ?You get more with sugar then with vinegar?. How true is that? People that greet you with a smile, laugh at your jokes, and have a good attitude are much more pleasant to be around then the others that have never heard of smiling, laughing, and appreciating.

If everyone showed just a little more kindness and went the extra mile to help out, then we would live in a much better society. I am sure you have driven down the road, made a stupid mistake, and heard a loud car horn respond to that mistake. Why is the loud car horn necessary? I do not believe it is. It makes everyone feel better about themselves when they help someone else out. I went to McDonalds one day after school to eat lunch, and saw a homeless person standing outside with a sign for food. I went in and ordered my food, and thought maybe I should order the homeless man something. I ordered him a hamburger, some French fries, and a Coke. After I gave it to him I was on cloud nine the rest of the day. I had done something good for someone else.

Every day you have the chance to show kindness and to be considerate. It will probably not be any of these situations I have mentioned, but you can make each experience you have a good experience by smiling when others are frowning, laughing when others are scowling, and loving when others are hating.

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