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The final whistle blew. The game was tied, and the winner was yet to be decided.

We all knew that the fate of the game was to be determined by penalties, a

soccer player?s most hated fear. The entire team was nervous as our coach

carefully studied each player, trying to figure out whom he would choose for

this infamous task. There was a moment of silence; the kind of silence you think

only exists in movies. The ephemeral moment lasted an eternity. Would he choose

me? Was I to bear the pressure of representing the entire team in a lottery that

could easily be lost? Much to my regret, I was, indeed, one of these unfortunate

people. I was to be the last one to shoot, the deciding figure, the person upon

whom rested the hopes and dreams of our team for reaching the final. I was lost

in the nebulous world around me. I was so concentrated on how I would shoot the

ball that I did not even realize it was almost my turn. The score was tied at

three. If I made the penalty our team would win the game. If not? I could not

even think about that. My mind was fixated on two thoughts: winning and winning.

My brain had no room for more. I knew now that I could no longer delay the final

verdict. It was time to kick. There I was, facing the ball, trying to anticipate

the goalkeeper?s next move. I was paralyzed. The few seconds between the time

I placed the ball on the penalty spot and heard the whistle seemed like an

eternity. My head was bombarded with horrifying thoughts, ?Where should I

shoot? To what side will the goalkeeper throw himself? What if I miss??

All my previous preparation was no longer pertinent. Now it was just me and the

goalkeeper. Sweat was running down my forehead. The heat around me made the

suffering unbearable. The ardent sun was burning my face. The heat, the sweat,

the pressure- all were impediments to my own personal glory. As I approached the

ball my mind went blank. I had stopped breathing a long time ago. I knew not

where I was and I knew not who the people surrounding me were. I knew however,

that the ball was going to reach the back of the net. Suddenly, my foot and the

ball made contact. There was not a sound around me to be heard. Hundreds of

people quiet at once. The silence lasted forever? until the ball finally hit

the back of the net. Dumbfounded, I looked around at a wave of people ready to

splash all over me. I could not move. I stood in the sun, enjoying the moment,

my moment. This was my day. I was the king of the world! I had reached the glory

I wanted. I was at the pinnacle of my ecstasy, where my fears and my trepidation

had been conquered by the sweet taste of success.

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