A Very Special Gift


A Very Special Gift Essay, Research Paper

A Very Special Gift

The bracelet was the best gift that Adrianne received for Christmas. It was a slim, gold chain with seven seed pearls strung along like beads of a rosary. Because of this, Adrianne was excited about going back to school after the holidays. The first school day in January was a time to show off what each girl had received for Christmas. In the past years, the standard gifts were cuddly stuffed toys, dolls, perfumed stationery, or baby T-shirts. Adrianne is so excited because she got something really grown-up and expensive.

On the morning of her first day back to school, Adrianne took the pearl bracelet from her jewelry box. It was the only real piece of jewelry she had. The other things in the box were a pair of Hello Kitty earrings, a bubble watch, and a strand of plastic colored beads that she made into a necklace. On her way out to go wait for the bus, Adrianne asked her mom if she could bring her bracelet to school, so she can show it to her classmates. Her mom said no because it is against school rules, and she is afraid that Adrianne is going to lost it. Adrianne went to school heartbroken because she doesn t have her bracelet to show off to her friends.

On that morning, many girls in school brought their new gifts for show. As expected, most of the girls got the latest craze in stuffed toys, like Winnie the Pooh bears. Other kids brought their box-like, clear plastic handbags. As for Adrianne, all she could do was talk about the pearl bracelet left back at home. Her friends told her they have to see it to believe she really has a pearl bracelet.

For a few days, Adrianne thought about bringing the bracelet to school. She could keep it in her pocket so no one else except her friends would see it. One day, Adrianne decided that it was time to bring the pearl bracelet. The day when she brought her bracelet is meant for practice for the sports festival that is coming up. When Adrianne left the house that morning, she had her hand in her right side pocket. In school, while changing into their PE uniforms in the locker rooms, Adrianne showed her friends her bracelet. Her friends convinced her to wear the bracelet because they said if she left it in her pocket it might get lost. Adrianne could not decide. She knows her PE shorts doesn t have any pockets so she would have to wear the bracelet. She slipped the bracelet around her right wrist and snapped the lock.

The sports practice was held in the grassy field behind the cafeteria. Adrianne made sure to stay away from the coach so he wouldn t see the bracelet. Her classmates noticed the glitter of the chain whenever Adrianne lifted her arms to hit the ball. The seed pearls turned and twisted along with her arm s movement. Right after practice, some of the other girls approached Adrianne to have a look at the bracelet. Finally she was able to show off her bracelet and proved to her friends that she wasn t making it up. They all went back to the locker room to change clothes and go home. Adrianne with her eyes wide opened realized that her bracelet is not on her wrist any more. She searched the floor and poke around her things. She even went back to the field to look but she couldn t find it. Now she is really worried that her mom is going to find out that she disobeyed her and on top of that she lost the bracelet too.

For the rest of the day until dinnertime, Adrianne kept thinking where the bracelet could have fallen. Her mom served the favorite dish that night but she barely touched her plate. Her mom offered her some ice cream but she turned her down. Her secret was too terrible to keep. It was starting to make her feel sick to her stomach. Adrianne finally decided she had to tell her mom. As soon as they were alone in the room, Adrianne confessed. She sat on the edge of the bed. She raised her right arm as if there was some kind of pain that she felt. But she couldn t look her mom in the eyes. Her mom said, I know, dear. Her mom realized what happened at the dinner table. Adrianne looked at her mom in surprise. Her tears rolled down her cheeks. She asked her mom how did she figure it out. Her mom said it has some thing to do with mother s special gift. They know things without having to ask. Adrianne said she was sorry. Her mom said it s all right. The most important thing is that she came to her and told her what happened.

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