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BOOK NAME: Special Delivery

This book is a romance novel about two people who at first hated each other and because of ones kindness became lovers. Jack Watson was 59 years old an old actor who bought a woman’s clothing store with money his uncle left him. He named the store after his nine-year-old daughter Julie. Jack also had a son named Paul. Paul is on his way to being a producer, much better at acting then his dad. Jack was married to a woman named Dori who died when the children were still young. Jack grieved for along time about a year then tried to get over his grief by sleeping with many different woman much younger then him.

Paul Jacks son was married to Jan Robbins and Julie was also married and had two kids. Jan Robbins is the daughter of Amanda Robbins who was a very good actress but quit when she married her husband Matthew Kingston. He was a very controlling man and did not like her to work. Amanda had two kids Jan and Louise. The only thing Jack was to her was her daughter’s father-in-law and besides that she hated him and so did Louise the both thought he was a playboy.

After Matthew Kingston died Amanda thought she could never go on again. Finally Jan got her to attend Jacks Christmas party and that is where Jack and Amanda first really met. That night Jack took Amanda home and they continued to go out to eat a small little restaurants where no one would be to recognize them because Jack had a habit for being on the front page of the news paper with his new girl friend. After a while they were staying the night at each other’s houses and going places together and they both new they would have to tell the kids.

One night they invited all the kids over to Amanda’s house and sat them down to eat and after they were done eating the told them the news. Louise was the most upset and walked out of the house. Paul and Jan were mad but more shocked, and Julie was very happy for the both of them. Amanda was 51 and Jack was 59. After a while Amanda started filling sick and Jack made here go to the doctors she really did not want to because she just thought she was going through metaphase he finally made her go. When she got there the doctor sent her to the hospital to do some checks and that is where they got the bad news.

The doctors came in with the sonogram machine and that is when Amanda was worried she had an ulcer, they started showing her the stomach area and then someone said the worst news Amanda could of herd at that moment the words were “there is the head.” Amanda thought she could die.

Amanda was set on having the baby and Jack thought she was crazy they got into a big fight and stopped seeing each other for a week or two and Jack could not take it and he went to see her. By that time Amanda thought a good plan since Paul and Jan were trying to have a kid they would give it to them. They again called all the kids and asked them to come over for drinks to tell them the news about being pregnant. Louise was again very mad, and Paul, Jan, and Julie were very surprised. Then after that week Amanda and Jack called Paul and Jan to tell them what they decided to do but before they could Jan told Amanda she finally got pregnant. Amanda finally had the baby and at the end Louise told Jack Congratulations and she really meant it.

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