The Special Little Angels That God Has


The Special Little Angels That God Has Let Us Borrow Essay, Research Paper

The special little angels that God has let us borrow

Have lived their too short lives knowing nothing but sorrow

There is nothing more precious than tiny little feet

Making the pitter patter sounds and make your life complete

Their tiny little hands hold on to big hands they adore

Why can t we love them equally and give them so much more

Why must we find such angels in garbage cans and rivers

And hear about such horrors that up your spine send shivers

When babies are so tiny they do not understand

Why mommy wasn t there for them to lend a helping hand

Where was she when they needed her where were the loving arms

The ones that were supposed to guard and keep them from all harm

Why were those eyes so hateful, why s mommy being so mean

What have I done to make her ignore my desperate screams

Maybe someone will hear me is there a mommy there?

Will she please take me with her and show me that she cares

Dear Lord, I m just a baby, please make her understand

She s not supposed to kill me or leave me in this can

Oh God, I thought you told me that she would love me so

That she would love me always and rock me to and fro

You said that she would kiss me and hold me when I cry

But dear Lord she is leaving me and hoping that I die

I am too small to crawl right now and much too small to walk

Oh Lord please won t you tell her for I can t even talk

I promise I ll be happy, I promise I won t cry

Oh please, dear Lord, please tell her, I ll really really try

To be the perfect baby I ll do my very best

I ll sleep, I promise, soundly, and even let her rest

If only she could hear my thoughts, I promise not to nag

Please someone won t you help me, she s put me in this bag

Maybe someone will find me before the break of dawn

And care for me and love me before my life is gone.

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