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Dear God, I come to you not in a time of need, but in a time of worry,

Dear God, all I see around me now is greed, and yet,

Who am I to point a finger at others, when I know deep inside,

That my life has been filled with the desire for material gain,

Dear God, if we were made to be good, then why were we made

With the characteristics of greed, envy, hate, prejudice and pain,

Why is it that in a world filled with famine, disease and death,

So many of us are more concerned with how much credit we have left,

Why is it that we see the pictures of these people every day, and we suddenly exclaim

?Oh my God!? as if we didn?t know this was happening,

But when these pictures are gone, why do we forget everything we see,

Is it because it makes us sad and sadness makes us bitter, and bitterness turns to anger,

Is it because seeing others in pain makes us feel their pain,

Or is it because we choose to forget, as we know it would make us feel guilty,

Dear God, I come to you not as the greatest of your followers,

But as one of the strongest of your believers,

Dear God, will we ever eradicate evil, or are we just dreamers?

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