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Visiting a waterfall, especially on a hot and sultry day, is one of the best ways you could spend your day. You get in your car, drive for miles, then once you have almost reached that spot your looking for, you park your car and walk the remainder of the way to the waterfall. Civilization has cleared and marked a pathway for you and many others like you that have also come to enjoy these landmarks. Rarely do you get to enjoy the natural beauty of one by just stepping out into your grandparents backyard. Well for the past six years I have been having this repeated dream of what I consider to be the perfect place. I someday hope that I will find this place, or maybe even find my reason in having this dream over and over again. Here is how it goes

Behind my grandparents house, barely noticeable, is a trail leading through the woods to a waterfall. The trail is narrow but well worn. Any shrubbery that would have grown has been trampled down and all that is left is a very narrow path. Overhung with branches from the trees that mark its sides. As I start down the trail, I begin to feel the trees closing around me until the house can no longer be seen. I follow the trail to where it stops at the creek s edge. Approaching quietly so as not to disturb any of the wild creatures that have come to enjoy the cool fresh water. I gently cross over the creek using the stones, which show wear of several previous crossings. I now have full view of the creek and the beauty it possess. I can hear the rush of the water long before I see the falls. As I sit down on the big gray slate rock that has been warmed by the early morning sun, I begin to gulp in the beauty as a homeless person would gulp down food. I begin to examine the banks of the creek by gazing down the right side first. I notice that the wild azaleas are in full bloom and that the trees have regained all their leaves. They stand tall and majestic as if they are soldiers standing guard. A little further down starts the bend that takes the remainder of the creek from my view. My gaze shifts to the left side of the bank and there lies an old oak tree that has fallen long ago. It still lies partially upon its stump so that it looks like the shape of an L . I continue my journey up the bank.

Slowly it comes into view. The one thing that has drawn me here dream after dream. My waterfall! As I gaze at it. I can feel the coolness and the power of the water as it rushes over the rocks and into the pool ten feet below. I lay back on the rock beside me and I can see the trees have opened their leaves to allow me a full view of the sky. A sky filled with blue and white fluffy clouds. The sound of the waterfall makes me feel as if I am totally alone, the only survivor left in the world. I lie there in peace with myself. Taking in the beauty of my surroundings. The sound of the water, and the birds chirping fills my ears.

It seemed as if only a few seconds have passed when I realized that I had been there for almost four hours. Well at least it seems that way in my dreams. I rise and slowly begin my journey back to the house. Only I take one last look and I begin to wonder, as I have so many times before, will it be the same when I visit the next time? I certainly hope so, because I can think of know other place I would rather visit besides my waterfall.

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